Friday, February 18, 2011

Up is Down, Day is Night, Conservatives Suck and Liberals Whine

·        Legislators in hiding, protests in the capital, union strikes, head of state threatens workers, state security apparatus on alert.  Libya? Nope.  Bahrain?  No sir.  Egypt?  Not quite.  It’s Wisconsin.  That’s right the land of Lombardi, cheese heads, Favre, and Rodgers.   Governor Walker and his Republican legislative cronies want to bust the union by banning its collective bargaining power.  Hey, I am the first guy to question the power and abuses of certain unions.  But union agreements are in place through bargaining and if the state doesn’t like the agreement then go back to the table and negotiate.  This stunt that Walker is pulling is pure banana republic BS.
·        Welcome to bizarro world.  Liberal Democrats and Tea Party Republicans gang up to bludgeon Kaptain Kleenex Boehner, Eric Can’tor Won’t, and Batshit Bachmann on the Joint Strike Fighter redundant engine.  No pork for you.
·        The idiosyncrasies of the Middle East are being broadcast front and center.  While the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions were primarily secular and were not laden with anti-American or Anti-Israeli sentiments or protests, the unrest in Bahrain is primarily a Shia majority uprising against the Sunni minority ruling class.  With Iran stoking the seeds of the Shia unrest in Bahrain with the hopes of sowing anti-American and anti-west feelings, the Saudis and Kuwaitis need to make sure the Shiites do not gain the upper hand.
·        Wouldn’t it be great if we eliminated our dependence on Mideast oil to the point where we could say ‘who gives a damn about what’s happening in the Middle East?’  Just like we say about Rwanda, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, and other third world countries that don’t have anything we want.
·        If I were a Conservative, I would also be hoping New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would run for President.  After watching the speeches from last week’s CPAC that including Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Barbour, Trump, Santorum, and Gingrich, I would even roll out Jeb Bush at this point. 
·        If you ever needed more evidence that the Republican Party is the official party of Wall Street, then look into the recent letter sent to secretary Geithner and the heads of the Fed and market and banking regulators regarding Dodd-Frank implementation and enforcement.   The Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee said:  "We are concerned that regulators are not allowing adequate time for meaningful public comment on their proposed rules.  We also believe that regulators are not conducting rigorous analyses of the costs and benefits of their rules and the effects those rules could have on the economy.” 

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