Monday, February 14, 2011

Justice Served in Arizona

On January 27th in these pages I made a brief reference to nine year old Brisenia Flores, a victim of a heinous home invasion that left young Brisenia and her dad Raul murdered and her mom Gina Gonzalez critically wounded.  Gonzalez who wounded one of the assailants, became the state’s critical witness as authorities charged Shawna Forde, leader of the anti-immigrant Minuteman American Defense, with two counts of 1st degree murder.  Today, Forde was found guilty of 1st degree murder and attempted murder after 7 hours of jury deliberation.  Her two accomplices will be in court this spring for their trials.  On Tuesday, Forde will be in court again as the jury determines whether the death penalty should be considered.  The police and prosecutors should be commended for speaking for the victims and gaining this conviction. 

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