Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is Arkansas experiencing its own 10 plagues? Let my people go y'all.

-        Just when things couldn’t get any worse in Arizona, Steven Seagal’s reality series Lawman is partnering with Maricopa County’s Joe Arpaio for next season.  Does Arpaio realize Seagal starred in a movie titled “Above the Law”?  What’s next Robert Guillaume joining Jan Brewer’s staff?
-        Oscars are next Sunday and the increased buzz that Annette Bening is a legitimate challenger to Natalie Portman is a joke.  That’s like comparing Walker: Texas Ranger to Gunsmoke.
-        I laugh at the Republicans who are chastising the Wisconsin Democratic caucus that took off to Illinois to prevent the state Senate from voting on the Governors anti-union bill claiming that it impedes the will of the people.  Really?  And what do you call 112 GOP driven filibusters in the 110th Congress?  It seems elections have consequences and judges are activists are a matter of point of view.
-        Anyone who knows how things will turn out in Egypt is either lying or guessing.  What history tells us is simply having elections is not the end of the process, it is only the beginning.  With so many potential political parties being formed before elections, it is likely that whatever government forms will be so weak and ineffective due to the necessity of forming a coalition.  OK, I admit I am guessing.
-        Keep an eye on the unfolding story in Pakistan regarding American Raymond Davis.  Davis, allegedly shot and killed two men in Lahore who tried to rob him.  The Obama administration immediately asked that Davis be returned to US State Department officials because he is an “administrative and technical official” and warrants diplomatic immunity.  The situation became even murkier when the UK’s Guardian reported that Davis is a CIA agent.  With an already tenuous relationship with a weak Pakistani central government, this incident will increase pro-Taliban fervor.  Welcome aboard Marc Grossman, the late Richard Holbrooke’s successor as the administration’s new special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
-        Four Utah WalMart employees were fired for taking down and disarming a customer who had put a gun in the back of employee Gabriel Stewart because company policy dictates employees are to ‘withdraw’ under these circumstances.  What’s the matter WalMart, worried about lawsuits and paperwork?
-        Arkansas has experienced dozens of earthquakes recently, including two more today.  What is causing this sudden phenomenon?  Some scientists believe it is related to the drilling of injection wells to store the recovered fracking fluid from the natural gas exploration and drilling.  So in recent months we have had birds dropping from the skies, dead fish in the Arkansas River, and now dozens of earthquakes all in Arkansas.  Unrelated natural phenomena?  Yeah, and Deepwater Horizon was a natural disaster.

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