Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arnold the Liberal?

The Terminator turned Governator turned Liberator????

Arnold been sampling the Kennedy Clam Chowder? 

Hell ya.  If Big Oil is lining up to fight you, then you must be doing something right.

TV Season

Well after a two short weeks, here is the overall review of this fall season.  Describing it as crappy, is an insult to dung.  Never have so few delivered so less for so many.  The only breakouts for the class of 2010:
Boardwalk Empire, Big C, & Blue Bloods (Lonestar would have made the list, but it's already cancelled)
Possibilities include Outsourced, Better With You, and The Event (no sold yet)
Everything else is utterly unwatchable

I am not a TV critic and I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but seriously as members of the Writers Guild of America, you need to go back to bussing tables at Planet Hollywood.

Dem's put off votes until after election

I now know what it is like to be a Cubs fan, the fifth Trident dentist, a French war veteran, The Hoff, and the Washington Generals' coach.  You can't defend yourselves or your record. 

Seriously, when it comes to politics, Democrats need to act like Republicans.  Push to pass Bush tax cut extension for the middle class for 4 years and make the GOP fillibuster it.  Hell while you're at it attach DADT repeal and the Dream Act as ammendments to a bill that INCLUDES tax cuts for the >$250k crowd and make the GOP fillibuster that.

I need something to join.  Independents are MOR fence sitters...not my bag.  Time for Diggacrats? 

The Fiscal Pit That is Arizona

Republicans are 'supposed' to be fiscally conservative.  If so, please explain why we will have a $825Million deficit this year GROWING to $1.4Billion in 2011 for a total of $2.25Billion.  The Republican controlled executive and legislature are banking on two ballot propositions that will reallocate discrete funds to the general fund.  In other words rape the land conservation fund and the early child health and welfare fund because the incompetents can't make tough decisions.  It would have been worse if the citizens of Arizona hadn't already voted to increase the sales tax from 5.6% to 6.6%  for one year.

Who is in charge of the Senate Appropriations Committee?  Why it's none other than Russell Pearce.  Hey Rusty instead of chasing ghosts in the desert via SB1070, you should have been cutting spending, NOT INCREASING IT.

Imagine if you had put the citizens first and worried about the budget and state services instead of your bigoted xenophobic witch hunt.  You and Witchie Poo have cost us millions in tax revenue.

Put her in the sleeper hold

WWE CEO Linda McMahon demonstrates just how clueless she is about economics, law, and current events.  This Wicked Witch of the East is clearly the sister of Jan Brewer (AZ Gov), The Wicked Witch of the West.

Yo Tea Kettle Express the tea has steeped too long on this candidate.

Had my sandwich, now a rant for dessert

Republican Playbook: Make it up and hope something sticks.
Exhibit 1: Iraq Invasion Rationale
 - Saddam met with 9/11 hijackers
 - Al Qaeda is in Iraq
 - Weapons of mass destruction
 - He was a bad guy
 - Iraqis deserve freedom
 - Muslims deserve democracy
 - We're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here
Exhibit 2: Anti Obama mud
 - He will take our guns away
 - He wasn't born here
 - He's a Muslim
 - He's a fascist
 - He's a marxist/socialist/communist
 - He doesn't bowl
 - He's an elitist
 - His minister hates America
 - He's friends with terrorists
 - He doesn't go to church enough
 - He bowed to the Saudi King, Chinese premier
 - He's a Kenyan anti-colonialist
 - He's soft on terror, but tough on stains
 - His middle name is Hussein
 - He uses a teleprompter

Flintstones 50th Anniversary

Random thoughts on this occasion:

 - it's nice to see that Pebbles & Bamm Bamm did not suffer the same dysfunctional fate that other child starts of that era...Butch Patrick.
 - Did you know many evangelical creationists consider the Flintstones to be a documentary?
 - Betty or Wilma?
 - Ex Bills safety Mark Kelso reminded me of Gazoo
 - The Rubbles' pet was named Hoppy.  They said because he looked like a Kangaroo, (Hoposaurus), I think it was because he was hooked on crystal meth.

Kim, Kim, and Kimmie

Kim Jong Ill (right) supreme leader of North Korea is turning over the reigns of power to his youngest son Kim Jong Un (left).  Not sure who the guy with the big hat is in the middle.
In related news Kimmie Gibbler (above) was incredulous that she was passed over by KJI, blaming the Danny-Jesse-Joey Axis of Nice

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of the people, by the people, for the people...not so much

Thank you Supreme Court for the Citizen United ruling.  Now we have special interests, corporations, and rich individuals impacting local elections.  So America plan on Karl Rove, George Soros, James Dobson, Oil and Gas Industry, Insurance companies, and others dominating local elections.  I live in the Arizona 5th Congressional District and I am pretty sure Karl Rove lives in Texas.  So stay the hell out of my local election issue.  In fact unless you are coming to pick produce in Yuma, stay the heck out of Arizona.

Doping at the Tour de France? No Way!

OK when Landis failed the test he was stripped of the title for "doping".  When Contador tests positive it's "food contamination.  Reminds me when Cin and I were back in Rochester a few years ago, and when I puked one night it was from "over consumption", when Cin did it the next night it was "the flu".  Alas we live in two Americas, one for wives and one for husbands who want to have sex this decade.

Lady Gaga coming back to Arizona in March

Things that come to mind:
1) Beef, it's what's for dinner
2) Halloween in March
3) Spring break for the ambiguoulsy, and not so ambiguously gay
4) For someone who hates the immigration law, she sure likes coming here
5) If she did a benefit concert for a missing puppy, she could get ABC15 to run it as Breaking News.

Hidden secrets in 'Obamacare'

Families USA and the Lewin Group uncover another healthcare reform secret.  600,000 Arizonans will receive a cumulative $2Billion tax relief in 2014.  Nationally, 29 million middle class Americans will also be eligible.  The nerve of that socialist providing healthcare and a tax break.

More healthcare reform news

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lonestar 1st show cancelled this fall

That's right our Kiss of Death for new television programs is alive and well.  Lonestar, the one show we liked, is cancelled by Fox.  It joins John from Cincinnati, Smith, Firefly, and Kings, to name a few, of our favorites who never saw season two.  But only two epsidoes?  Really?

Kiss of Death

Hawaii Five O - Adios Aloha Farewell Aufedersein

Should have left it in the CBS vault.  Might as well have called it CSI Honolulu.  Seriously, this network needs some creativity.