Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can we Oursource Palin?

Batshit Bachmann is at it again.  Sarah Stoesz, who heads the Planned Parenthood operation in my state of Minnesota, said she recently opened three express centers in wealthy Minnesota suburbs and shopping centers and malls and places where women are doing their grocery shopping, picking up Starbucks, living their daily lives and stopping off for an abortion.”  You would think the abortion center would provide complementary scones and lattes.  Does Planned Parenthood have a drive-thru?

Speaking of Right Wing Lunacy, it seems Sarah Palin will be getting her $100,000 appearance fee from India Today Magazine and will be speaking in India this March.  Some things that come to mind:
1)      Is she in search of outsourced votes?
2)      She heard she was speaking in New Dehli and thought it meant Carnegie Deli opened a location in Anchorage.
3)      Danny Boyle is shooting a sequel to his Oscar winning movie.  The sequel is called Sled Dog Wasillanaire. 
How sleazy and full of crap is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker?  In his punk’d interview with Buffalo’s Ian Murphy, Walker goes on to: compare himself to Reagan (wrongly as Reagan was legally justified to fire the ATCs), hope for some violence through planted agitators to make the demonstrators look bad but so bad that he came across badly, look forward to a big celebratory party at Koch’s California compound, and figure out how he could trick the Democrat Senators in returning and then force the vote.  To answer the stated question, Walker is so sleazy, Charlie Sheen had to take a shower after meeting him.
The dynamic duo of Mike Huckabee and Jon Voight were in Jerusalem talking up Israel’s right to all of the Promised Land.  Huckabee went on to say "There are vast amounts of territory that are in the hands of Muslims, in the hands of Arabs. Maybe the international community can come together and accommodate.”  He said any peace agreement has to recognize that "the Jewish people have indigenous rights to the land in which they occupy and live and it goes back not 60 years or 80 years but it goes back 3,500 years."  When will Fundamentalist Evangelicals realize the rule of law supersedes their rule of God while they are on earth?  The UN Declaration of 1948 is more pertinent that the Old Testament.  In Huckabee’s world the Assyrians, Babylonians, Philistines, Canaanites, Hittites, and other ancient people would also have land rights?  I am the first guy to defend Israel and its right to security, but Huckabee is a dangerous fanatic.  Please run for President.

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