Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Feature: Sunday Talk Show Recap

John McCain wants to start another war in Libya by calling for a no fly zone and recognizing a provisional government in Benghazi.   This war mongering dinosaur needs to STHU.  Just like his rush to invade Iraq, call for bombing Iran, and supporting Georgia in its local squabble over the province of South Ossetia  that led to Russian intervention and Grandpa’s calling for NATO action.  The man is dangerous and needs to retire somewhere far far away.
Wisconsin Governor Walker failed to make his argument about eliminating collective bargaining for public unions on non-salary benefits.  His claim that his need to neuter the unions is for fiscal balance is hollow as unions have met the Governor’s demands and his clear attacks on public employees normally supportive of Democrats  (teachers) versus those that are supportive of Republicans (Fire and Police).   The politics of budgets.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley wants to throw the Wisconsin State Democratic Senators out of office for leaving the state and going to Illinois.  Memo to Palin-lite, worry about your own state, and we do have laws in the nation regarding how elected officials are to serve and be treated.  For the record, South Carolina is facing an $877Million 2012 budget deficit, a 17.4% shortfall compared to the 2011 budget.   Tea Partiers who live in glass houses…
Joe Walsh, Freshman Tea Partier from Illinois, thinks that every dollar not spent by the government is a dollar that goes to the private sector.  Huh?  If that dollar the government is going to spend is to be used to reduce the deficit, how does that dollar end up in the private sector?  In fact that dollar not being spent will have the opposite effect because it is money that does not end up in the economy.  This guy is living a ‘Life of Illusion’.
Jan Brewer spewed her latest drivel on This Week on ABC.  No facts just usual B/S.  Highlight was during her statements on Wisconsin’s senators, she was cut off by an advertisement for Mesa RV.  Perfect.  Her best quote “Government is a necessary evil”…great quote from a GOVERNOR.
The sharks are already starting to turn on another.  Mike Huckabee has fired a broad side at fellow 2012 GOP hopeful Mitt Romney with this “I think it's (Massachusetts health c are reform) not a killer for him. But he has to say either 'I love it,' 'I hate it,' or, 'Hey I tried it, it didn't work and that's why I would say to you, let's not do it nationally.’”  I am thinking Huckabee’s dislike of Romney is a religious issue above everything else.
The difference between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Christie has been upfront with his plans and can actually make his point; he will support Democrat ideas if he agrees with them, and doesn’t need to vilify his opponent to make his point. His push to get the public unions to start paying into their healthcare and pension plans is a legitimate position AND he is doing it without feeling he has to destroy the union’s right to collective bargaining.

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