Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Checking In

Caught the six o'clock news about big debate tonight.  Topics are unemployment, deficit, and health care...funny thing I'm in Ireland.  Same problems, different country.

Pfizer is closing its R&D facility in Sandwich, England.  This famous facility is known for developing Viagra.  Hmmm, came in with a bang, and going out with a whimper.

Charlie Sheen, please meet Tom Sizemore.

Three days into my controlled experiment, it is true that if you drink enough beer, you can avoid jet lag.  New England Journal medicine, hear I come

Keith Olbermann headed to Current TV.  In related news, tree falls in forest, no one hears it.

Taco Bell offering free tacos in wake of lawsauit about 'beef'.  Reminds me of Yogi Berra "The food's not good there, but they give you a lot."

Forget Ex-lax...Guinness, the real laxative.

I like Irish folk music for a little while, then it just sounds like I am stuck in Appalachia and the river don't go to Aintree.

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