Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some mid week (or are they weak) thoughts to get you over hump day

·        Why are Gingrich and other conservatives pushing the idea of state bankruptcy?  Simply, it will be a gateway for states to break union and state pension commitments. 
·        Eventually, the burden of municipal, state and federal pensions and entitlements will become a matter of national (financial) security and governments will ask the courts for dispensation from these obligations.
·        Did I actually hear it correctly that the new Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker is threatening to replace striking workers with the National Guard?  Looks like Scott Walker has been dipping into the Johnny Walker, because he isn’t empowered to use the National Guard for his personal employment agency.
·        Food prices and cotton prices are steadily climbing.  Expect to pay more for your bowl of cereal and jeans later this year.  Global supply shocks could lead to the global economic recovery becoming derailed as disposable income dries up.  Traders are taking long positions on a number of commodities which will lead to price increases.
·        Have we moved on passed immigration reform already?
·        Everybody wants tax and entitlement reform, but no one has the stones to make the first proposal.  Politics is so political.
·        Stay tuned for the Left’s assault on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  In recent months, a number of inconsistencies in Justice Thomas’ reported finances will bring some unwanted attention to the court.  Failing to disclose his wife Virginia’s income is bad enough, when she is an outspoken Tea Party activist it’s downright messy, and his excuse that he didn’t realize he had to is pathetic considering he knew enough years ago to include it.  Doubling down with an expense paid visit to a Koch Brothers’ summit didn’t help.  Perhaps he should recuse himself forever?  Want  a Pepsi?
·        South Carolina legislators want the Gamecock state to start minting its own silver and dollar coins because they are convinced the Federal Reserve will implode as we go through hyperinflation.  Holy Jefferson Davis what would Lincoln do?  What’s next, this troublesome minimum wage thing and we need to go back to….
·        Does it make me a bad person not care about Jennifer Aniston? 
·        Can we deport Bieber to Canada?  Relax, I’m not saying we send him to Guantanamo Bay, just out of here.  I’ll take a case of Labatts Ice in return
·        Coming up later this week: Diggapedia’s National Energy Policy and my take on profits and ethics…they can coexist.

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