Friday, February 18, 2011

My War Against Conservatives: It's go time!!!!

·        After watching Mike Pence on the floor of the House go after Planned Parenthood instead of talking about job growth, I will now commit to blogging everyday why American Conservatives are the biggest threat to our freedom.  Tonight:  Mike Pence, Chris Smith and their ilk believe American women should have fewer rights than Iranian women.  Mike Pence is evil and if he had it his way we would create a fundamentalist nation.
·        Budgets are being slashed everywhere except in one key area: elections.  As reported in the Financial Times, “I think we are going to see the first $2bn presidential election in the nation’s history,” said Tom Daschle, a Democrat and former Senate majority leader. “Two billion may be conservative.”  The biggest causes of this huge increase are Obama’s decision to refuse public funding in 2008 and allowed him to build a war chest with a nearly  4:1 advantage over the publicly funded McCain and the increase in funding from outside groups and corporations.  So in 2012 you will be pulling a lever, punching a Chad (not ochocinco), or filing in the arrow for Obama or fill in the blank, but you might as well be voting for Soros or the Koch Brothers or Rove or the UAW, etc.  Yep  we are amateurs in a professional game.
·        Does it really matter what Justin Bieber’s opinion is regarding abortion?  Are we going to ask him next how he feels about supply side economics?  He’s a pop star.  Hey Charlie what’s your opinion on prostitution?
·        Gotta love the Iranian government.  They laud the peaceful public protests in Egypt that overthrew Hosni Mubarak as a sign of the organic power of the people.  However, when the protests spread to Iran, they fire tear gas at the demonstrators, threaten to hang the opposition leaders, and blame the unrest on US and western agitators. 
·        40,000 pro job protesters descended on Madison, Wisconsin to demonstrate against the anti-union legislature making its way through the state government under the guise of a ‘budget balancing act’.  Now some Tea Party supporters will be joining the debate as pro-union busting demonstrators.  Two questions: (1) will the pro government demonstrators arrive on horses and camels and (2) these Tea Party people seem to have a lot of free time, do they make up the lion’s share of the nations unemployed?

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