Saturday, February 5, 2011

So my accent is worse than Palin's?

Oscar Best Picture Summary and Analysis.  Team Diggapedia has now seen 8 of the 10 films nominated for best picture, below are the current standings:
1.      Black Swan: Before it’s over it may move to #1.  Sucks you in like DePalma’s Dressed to Kill.
2.      Social Network: Well written and well paced.  Is Jesse Eisenberg related to Michael Cera? 
3.      Inception: Original, great cast, and innovative.  Chris Nolan got screwed.
4.      True Grit: Bit of a surprise and maybe it’s the genre, but damn those Coen Brothers are good.
5.      King’s Speech: Firth and Rush were great, but doesn’t stack up to the top four.  Sorry your majesty.
6.      The Fighter: Even knowing the Mickey Ward story, still kept me enthralled.  Love watching Amy Adams dropping F Bombs like a true Masshole.
7.      Winter’s Bone: Tough story but movie grows on you like Frozen River.
8.      The Kids Are Alright: I guess I didn’t like the main characters enough to care, though Mia Warkowski is a favorite since In Treatment.
9.      Toy Story 3 not yet to be screened
10.   127 hours not yet to be screened
Footnote: Inside Job is nominated for Best Documentary.  In reality, it’s the best picture of 2010.  You must see it to truly understand the corporatocracy we live in.
Just when the Mets thought their biggest problems were pitching depth and run production, Wilpon and Katz are facing a $300Million implication in the Maddoff scandal.    Suddenly Jose Reyes hamstring doesn’t seem so important.
Sarah Palin has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office to have Sarah and Bristol Palin trademarked.  In a related story, Manuel’s Manure is replacing all of its hauling fleet’s decals.
Harris Poll: 49% Americans say people with southern accents sound nice, 40% for Midwesterners, 18% for New Englanders, and 7% for New York City.  Well this Bostonian says Up yours.”  Probably won’t help the poll numbers.
Is it a wily ploy to allow us to drop our defenses or is China’s new Stealth J-10 the Capricorn One of military propaganda?  Recent video footage of the new J-10 was released and in the combat sequences, it is clear that Chinese officials used footage of the film Top Gun to demonstrate the jet’s lethal capabilities.  Talk to me Goose.
US adds 36,000 jobs in January, and the unemployment rate drops from 9.4% to 9.0%.  The numbers don’t add up, unless you are ginning up the data for political reasons.  This author predicted that it wouldn’t be shocking to find out that the Obama administration tanked the employment numbers in Oct and Nov when it became obvious the midterm shellacking was a foregone conclusion.  Numbers are numbers and don’t confuse them with the truth.
Will Egypt go like Iraq or Iran?  I’m going with neither.  I say Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population.  After the overthrow of Suharto, a representative republic has risen that opposes al-Qaeda and other extremists but maintains tough laws based on conservative beliefs.  Nonetheless, it is a shining example of a large nation (238million) that overthrew the shackles of a dictator and established a new constitution and government in less than 3 years.
I leave you with this quote from Bill Nye “The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.”  Right now I am laughing at France.

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