Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diggathoughts, musings, opinions, questions, and observations.


Diggathoughts, musings, opinions, questions, and observations.

1)      It is neither reasonable to think renewable energy sources can immediately replace fossil fuels nor is it reasonable to think we can drill our way to a better future.

2)      If you deny man’s impact on climate change and at the same time say God will make sure we are saved because the promise he made to Noah, you are the perfect Republican Congressman to be a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  (psst that would be John Shimkus).

3)      When Dick Lugar and Bill Bennett, Republican senators who voted with their GOP colleagues 90% of the time are considered ‘not conservative enough’ then you know that party has moved off the charts to the right.

4)      The main stream media should be ashamed of themselves for failing to portray the true Paul Ryan, the true ultra-social conservative who would deny contraception and ban abortion on religious grounds.  Calling Ryan and his cabal of Blunt, Broun, Akin, Mourdock, and Bachmann out for their Taliban-like social stances is the media’s duty.

5)      GOP tries to discredit Nate Silver because his election prediction model doesn't consider 'God's Will' in the algorithm.  

6)      Ripped right from the conservative leaning Economist Its (The U.S.) government spends barely more than 0.1% of GDP on “active labour-market policies” to get the less skilled back to work, one-fifth of the OECD average. Only half of American children attend pre-school. China plans to have 70% of its children in three years of pre-school by 2020.”  And yet the GOP thinks closing the education gap can happen at the state level?

7)      Block grants and vouchers are Republican code speak for privatization and elimination.

8)      If you really oppose income redistribution, then you should oppose ‘carried interest’ which allows private-equity managers to pay obscenely low capital gains tax rates.

9)      I wish liberal media would stop questioning blue collar workers who vote Republican and in the process vote against their own best interests.  There are many of us who vote for progressive causes and against our own best interests.

10)   Remember when Tip O'Neill said is goal was to make Reagan a one term President? Me neither.

11)   Judge a leader by those he surrounds himself with. Romney: Sununu, Trump, Bolton, Mankiw, Hubbard, Senor. Be afraid, be very very afraid.

12)   Early indicators on Nov 6th: FL and VA polls close at 7pm EST and OH at 7:30pm EST.

13)   Rape is God's will. Taliban teaching? No. Salafist teaching? No. How about good ole home grown GOP ideology

14)   Watched 20 minutes of the Jersey Shore and perhaps selective voter suppression isn’t a bad idea. (snark)

15)   International Cycling Union President Pat McQuaid "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling and he deserves to be forgotten in cycling. This is a landmark day for cycling."  Really?  The sport has been plagued by performance enhacing drugs for over fifty years; long before Lance Armstrong arrived on the scene.  Armstrong is getting his comeuppance, rightly so, but for Mr. McQuaid to take such umbrage and holy than thou stance is laughable.  Would McQuaid like to explain: Ulrich, Contador, Pantani, Meier, Zulle, Landis, Basso, Rasmussen, and DOZENS of other top ten finishers at the Tour over the last 15 years.  Spare us the pious bologna and swiss.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Digganalysis on Oil Exploration and Energy Dependence

 During the 2nd presidential debate last week, Governor Romney got overly aggressive with President Obama regarding domestic drilling.  As usual the exchange included a series of half-truths and misinformation and at the end of the exchanges, critical information went unspoken, misperceptions unchallenged, and the true current state of affairs unspecified.  The bottom line isn’t cannot be distilled down into 30 second debate sound bites.

Firstly, let’s look at some oil production numbers going back to 2001.  The table below shows total domestic U.S oil production, per the Department of Interior, broken down by Bush and Obama administrations using annual average of thousands of barrels produced.

What’s worth noting is the year on year decline in the average annual production over the course of the Bush years.  Yes the big oil man’s administration was importing more oil while we drilled less domestically.  Do you remember the outrage from conservatives about the tree hugging Bush and the rising gas prices?  Of course, just like President Obama has been saying, domestic oil production is up and continues to increase even after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  Below you can see that under President Obama we are importing less than during the Bush years.  In fact, 2011’s numbers compared to the peak in 2005 is off by 16%.  Use less means import less and that’s the road to energy independence.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.  President Obama has also accelerated the use of renewables as seen in the table below, including a remarkable 13% increase from 2010 to 2011.  So while the conservatives love to mock the president about his clean energy plans, war on coal, and Solyndra failure the fact is he is developing  a balanced approach to energy; a balanced approach that leads to reduced foreign dependence, protects the climate, enables a resurging manufacturing sector, and insulates us from supply side shocks. 

Next came the charge that the Obama administration has reduced the number of leases granted to gas and oil companies to explore and drill on federal public lands.  Well that is a true statement; the department of the interior has cutback the number of leases granted.  There are several reasons for the cutback, and the number one reason is the lack of activity on leases already sold.  According to the May, 2012 report by the DOI: “There are approximately 26 million leased acres offshore and over 20 million leased acres onshore that are currently idle – that is, not undergoing exploration, development, or production.”  The report goes onto say: “Offshore: As of May 2012, nearly 72 percent of the area on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) that companies have leased for oil and gas development – totaling 26 million acres – are not producing or not subject to pending or approved exploration or development plans.”  And Onshore: As of December 31, 2011, approximately 56 percent of total acres of public land under lease in the Lower 48 States – totaling approximately 20.7 million acres - are not undergoing either production nor exploration activities.  As of September 30, 2011, there are over 7,000 approved permits to drill on public and Indian lands that have not yet been acted on by companies.”  Simply, the oil companies are not exercising their existing leases because an increase in supply will lower prices and they prefer to drill on state and private land due to lower environmental regulations with respect to environmental protection.    Oh, and there was this thing called the Deepwater Horizon explosion that led to the necessary moratorium on offshore drilling until root cause and preventative actions were respectively understood and implemented.

So where does that leave us?  Domestic oil production is up, energy from renewable sources is increasing, and the gas and oil companies are manipulating the supply.  Ooh that seems like a bold charge, how do you back that up Digg?  As reported by ThinkProgress, according to U.S. Congressman Edward Markey’s report titled “Use It or Lose It” 131 oil and gas companies have 3,684 idle leases in the Gulf of Mexico alone. The Big Five oil companies — BP, Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips — are responsible for 40 percent of the 20.7 million acres “not undergoing exploration, development, or production” in the region.

Half-truths, flat out lies, ignoring data, and making it up as you go:  The GOP.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diggapedia Offers President Obama Some Unsolicited Advice

1.       America’s role in the world

a.       Focus on the strong support of our Pacific allies to counter expansionist China after years of disregard from Bush administration.

b.      While much of the world is adopting protectionist trade policies, under an Obama administration, the U.S. has signed free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. 

c.       Nuclear responsibility.  In 2010 he signed a new START treaty with Russia further reducing nuclear weapon stockpiles.  It is America’s role to reduce the threat of global conflict and that means modeling the way for others to follow.

d.      Once again the role of America has been re-established as the world’s leader of stopping tyranny and fighting for freedom.  After eight years of misguided ‘with us or against us foreign policy’, the U.S. is once again collaborating with our allies.  Collaborations that have had crippling effects on Iran, allowed elections to take place in Egypt, and the overthrow of Gadhafi.

2.       Our longest war — Afghanistan and Pakistan

a.       The president must acknowledge the performance and sacrifices of our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan and those that served in Iraq and in other regions of the world to protect liberty.

b.      You have kept us safe for four years.  While others previously and wrongfully liked to make that claim, the Obama administration has indeed kept America safe.

c.       Remind the nation that you honored your commitment to wind down operations in Iraq and bring home our troops and you will do the same in Afghanistan.  Our time for nation building abroad needs to be replaced by nation building at home.

d.      The counter-terrorism campaign in the regions has been devastatingly effective in decimating and decapitating al-Qaeda. 

e.      We can exit Afghanistan according to plan as a result of the work done to train the Afghan National Army, which is already taking the lead in battling the Taliban in the eastern provinces.  If you remember Governor Romney’s running mate told the nation, in an utter disregard to our troops, during the Vice presidential debate that we should commit American soldiers un lieu of Afghan forces.

3.       Red lines — Israel and Iran

a.       Be clear, our policy is quite simple: we will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

b.      In the meantime the internationally backed sanctions against Iran have crippled its economy.  Its currency is falling on  a daily basis, it’s ships cannot get insurance, and it’s central bank has been cut off from the international banking community.  It’s oil production is at its lowest point since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980’s. And now Iran’s natural gas industry has also been shut down due to new European sanctions.

c.       As far as Israel’s defense, make no mistake about it: my words have been backed by my deeds.  My administration has provided defensive weapon systems such as the Iron Dome system as well as other support.

4.       The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism — I

a.       The Middle East is the most complex and volatile region in the world and while my opponent likes to make bold statements, a true leader doesn’t act so rash. 

b.      The key is collaboration with the UN, NATO, and the Arab League as was the case in Libya.

c.       We have agreement with the rest of the security council that Basher al-Assad must step down but it must be done in an orderly fashion.  We cannot allow a civil war to envelop Syria that pits Shia versus Sunni, Islamist versus Secularist and so forth.  If a civil war precipitates it will likely draw in Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, and the gulf states.

d.      As for battling terrorism, the key is intelligence gathering and working with our allies to identify risks before they become threats.  It is this process that has led to the successful campaigns against al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

e.      What we cannot do is go backwards to the Bush administration policies that weakened our position in the region and gave rise to the very forces that threaten us today.  And this is exactly where we will end up under a Romney administration.  My opponent ‘s foreign policy team is comprised of Bush administration officials who led us into Iraq. 

5.       The rise of China and tomorrow’s world

a.       Governor Romney likes to talk to tough about China which is quite outlandish considering how much he loves investing there.  No talking tough and empty threats are not what we need, we need the type of action that my administration has taken including successful challenges in the WTO to protect American jobs and American industries.

b.       China is not our enemy but they are our competitor and a threat to our economic success.  It is important that we curb China’s imperialistic ambitions but avoid a messy debilitating mutually assured self-destructing trade war.  We can be tough without the rhetoric as Obama has demonstrated.

c.       Tomorrow’s world will continue to be volatile as developing and emerging nations mature and the demand for natural resources and food grows.  It will be incumbent upon the US to maintain its position as a fair pro-democracy champion balancing our own national interests with defending liberty and freedom for all people.

In the end, the president has a lot to tout during the debate and as long as he is prepared for the Libya, Iran, and China attacked from Romney he will be just fine.  And don’t forget to attack your opponent’s lack of experience and false bravado. 




Saturday, October 20, 2012

Diggapedia Calls Bullshit Vol I Number IV


Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate Congressman Paul Ryan have been working overtime to prove that the legitimacy of their tax plan.  But no matter how hard they try, the numbers don’t add up.; no way, no how.  And yet sadly, the man who calls himself a business genius and his self-professed numbers genius of a running mate cannot due simple addition and subtraction.  But don’t take my word for it, there are many others across the political spectrum who share the same condemning opinion.

For starters, the Romney plan would cut all federal income tax rates by 20%, eliminate the Alternative Minimum tax (AMT), and the Estate Tax.  His plan would also keep the Bush level tax rates on capital gains, interest, and dividends, except those with adjusted gross incomes <$200,000, where he would eliminate the taxes on capital gains, interest, and dividends all together.  But wait there’s more.  Romney will also cut the marginal corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, make permanent the R&D tax credit, switch to a territorial tax system, and repeal the corporate version of the AMT.  The Tax Policy Center in absence of details on deductions from Governor Romney made the following analysis: estimated on a static basis, the Romney plan would lower federal tax liability by about $900 billion in calendar year 2015 compared with current law, roughly a 24 percent cut in total projected revenue. Relative to a current policy baseline, the reduction in liability would be about $480 billion in calendar year 2015. That is $5Trillion over 10 years.  Yes, $5Trillion.

Team Romney claims the $480Billion loss in revenues would be offset by the conservative talking point of ‘broadening the tax base’.  This broadening would be the reduction or elimination of certain deductions; unfortunately, there aren’t enough deductions to offset the tax rate cuts.    If ALL taxable deductions were eliminated (a terribly regressive result on middle and lower income people), the Romney plan would be only able to offset a 4%, not 20%, across the board deduction in rates in order to remain deficit neutral. 

This is not a leftwing anti-Romney analysis.  The nonpartisan Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation ran a similar analysis in 2006, and it made the conclusion that redistribution of individual income tax liability from high wage earners to low wage earners would occur.  The JCT rightly states that economic activity would increase, but the question is by how much? 

The Wall Street Journal stated that all deductions wouldn’t have to be cut, but instead capping individual taxpayers’ deductions at 17% would provide $3.8Trillion of the $5Trillion gap and the remainder would be made up by increased tax revenue via increased economic activity.  Sounds good, but anytime the ‘growth in economic activity’ factor is utilized unpredictability ensues.  If this sounds familiar to you, it is because the same calculus was used in 1986 as part of the Reagan Tax Plan, and guess what?  It came up short on claims.  Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett noted that over the last 50 years economic activity only increases by tenths of a percentage point and the gains are temporary.

Still not convinced that the plan is dodgy?  Conservative columnist Reihan Salam, about as opposite as  Diggadug as you can find, said “it’s highly unlikely that a Romney administration would cut the top marginal tax rate as deeply as it has proposed” as middle class taxes would have to go up to prevent the deficit from exploding.  Yes even conservatives think the Romney plan is pure fantasy and better found in the fiction aisle as opposed as to the business/economics aisle at your local bookstore.

But Digg, what about the six analyses that Ryan cited during his debate with Joe Biden?  Five have already been debunked by further analysis and the sixth?  Well that one is Romney’s white paper itself.

So yes, Diggapedia calls Bullshit on the Romney tax plan.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diggaduh calls Bullshit on the GOP Vol I Number III

Since the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi the Republicans have been blasting away at the Obama administration about a failed middle east policy.  These accusations are built on a claim that the president’s failure is one of weakness and that is why the Libyan attackers were so brazen.  Yes the Arab unrest is a result of President Obama’s weakness, a Carteresque weakness they like to call it.  You see, the right wing familiar talking point is that democrats are weak on defense; the narrative that is bullshit.

Let’s start with the President Carter comparison, especially the takeover of our embassy and the hostage crisis that lasted 444 days.  Carter’s ineffectiveness made America look weak and that emboldened the Iranians to do what they did.  They point to the failed Desert One mission codename Operation Eagle Claw as another example of weakness.  Sadly for the Republicans the facts don’t back up this false narrative.  In reality the attack on the embassy was the culmination of Iranian frustration boiling over from years of abuse at the hands of the Shah, a dictator propped up by the U.S., and the failure was a lack of intelligence not a sign of weakness.  And while Operation Eagle Claw was a failure, it was till a courageous act by President Carter to green light the mission.  On final point on President Carter: the Camp David Accords that led to the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel came about due to his leadership.  That treaty represents the high water mark in Israeli-Arab conflagration and no subsequent U.S. President has matched its significance.

Then there’s the legendary, and I mean fictional, Dutch Reagan stories.  The tough guy who go this nose bloodied in Lebanon and cut and run allowing Hezbollah to become a political and military force.  Reagan made up for this failure by proving his toughness by bombing Libya from 30,000 ft., invading Grenada and Panama.  No other man in American political history best represents the famous line from the John Wayne western “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” “When legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Of course while the GOP attacks President Obama claiming we were attacked in Libya because we come across as weak, once has to wonder have they forgotten (thanks to for compiling)these attacks during Cowboy George W. Bush’s tenure:

·         September 17, 2008: Heavily armed fighters attack the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

·         July 9, 2008: The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, is attacked in what the American ambassador to the country calls "an obvious act of terrorism" aimed at the U.S.

·         January 12, 2007: An anti-tank missile tears through the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece, but there are no injuries.

·         September 12, 2006: Syrian authorities kill three attackers and apprehend a suspect outside the U.S. Embassy after a car explodes near the walls of the Damascus building.

·         March 2, 2006: A U.S. diplomat and his driver are among at least four people killed in an apparent suicide attack outside the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.

·         December 7, 2004: An attack on the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, kills nine people. A Saudi group linked to al Qaeda claims responsibility for the attack.

·         February 28, 2003: Gunmen open fire outside the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. Two police officers are killed and six others, including one civilian, are injured.

·         October 13, 2002: A series of bomb blasts on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali kills scores of people at nightclubs. At the time of those blasts, another attack occurs near a U.S. consulate. Authorities say they believe the attacks are coordinated.

·         June 13, 2002: A previously unknown militant group called Al-Qanoon claims responsibility for a bombing that kills 10 people at the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. The U.S. State Department says it suspects al Qaeda is responsible.

·         March 20, 2002: A car bomb explodes at a shopping center near the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru, killing nine people.

·         January 22 , 2002: Gunmen attack a U.S. government information center in Calcutta, India, near the U.S. Consulate.


And of course there was the September 11, 2001 attacks.  Were we weak on that day?  In the minds of Republicans, talking tough is more important than deeds, openness is weakness, you’re either with us or against us, and when in doubt make it up.  At best they are hypocrites, at worst they are liars.

So Diggaduh calls bullshit on the GOP talking points regarding presidential strength or weakness.  Or as Joe Biden would say it “That’s a lot of malarkey”


Friday, October 12, 2012

Why am I not voting for Mitt Romney and neither should you

Why am I not voting for Mitt Romney and neither should you:

10) Never trust a man who tells you he will provide the details of his plan AFTER you hire him.  He is nothing more than a late night TV infomercial charlatan telling you to send $49.99 and he will send you the secret to building a fortune.

9) 17 of the 24 paid foreign policy/naitonal security advisors working on the Romney campaign worked for the Bush campaign.  The same national security team that ignored the 9/11 warnings, invaded the wrong country, let bin Laden escape, allowed a Taliban resurgence in Afghanstan, and enabled the rise of Iran.  Yep seen that movie before and not interested in the sequel.

8) Romney’s economic advisers include American Enterpise Institute fellow Kevin Hassett who in 1999 claimed the Dow would hit 36,000, Greg Mankiw and Glenn Hubbard who consecutively served as Bush’s chairman of the council of economic advisers, and John Taylor who believes all tax rates should be permanently cut while balancing the budget.  The Romney plan will add $Trillions to our national debt whil elining the pockets of his buddies.

7) The Romney/Ryan ticket opposes abortion and if they had their way they would ban it.  That’s not one small step backward, that’s a giant leap into the 19th century.

6) I have no problem with people with deep faith running for office just as I would have no problem with an atheist running for office and this is why I oppose anything remotely resembling a religious test.  That being said I do have a problem, a major problem, when a politician’s faith becomes a significant factor in policy.

5) If Romney cares about America and future generations they would take climate change, clean air, clean water, and product safety seriously.  Instead they believe the market can regulate itself.  That’s not pious bologna, it is wishful thinking.

4) The lies.  The nonstop lies about Medicare cuts, welfare requirements, stimulus fraud, trade agreements, world apology tours, death panels, and taxpayer funded abortions.  The lie is the favorite tool of the man who has nothing to run on himself. 

3) Romney believes that siddling up to Benjamin Netanyahu shows support for Israel.  At the end of the day, he is pushing Israel further into isolation.  Romney thinks telling a friend what he wants to hear is friendship.

2) Romney’s cluelessnes on immigration is only matched by his desire to avoid the situation. 

1) Trust.  I simply don’t trust Mitt Romney.  I am neither gullible or na├»ve, and I know President Obama is far from perfect, but Mitt Romney is the worst kind of politician, the one that will say anything to get elected so he can make sure his backers profit the most.  The Romney/Ryan ticket are clealry running on behalf of big business, wall street, and the 1% while paying lip service to the middle class.  They talk about working families and the middle class, but it is obvious that their fiscal plan is focused on the top.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Digganalysis on the VP debate: Biden scores a W

·         Martha Raddatz did an outstanding job as moderator.  There were times when things looked more like a Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, but for the most part she kept things moving, moderated fairly, but also challenged the participants when they didn’t come clean.

·         I thought early on that Joe Biden’s smile could hurt him with some viewers as it could make him look disrespectful or petty.  Of course, that is Joe Biden and if you watch older footage you see the same thing.  I am sure as many that were put off by it there were equal number that didn’t care.

·         When pundits call the debate a tie because one participant (Ryan) ‘didn’t embarrass himself’.  Wow is that the new grading system?

·         The Benghazi incident was going to be Biden’s weak point and while Ryan scored some points early, the damage was limited.

·         Biden attacked Ryan with the 47% comment and when Ryan tried to snap back, Joe hit him with ‘yeah, but I mean what I say’

·         There were  times when Ryan looked like he did not want to be there, but near the end it also looked like Joe was getting tired as he lost track of his talking point.

·         For those that oppose the line of questioning regarding religious beliefs, I believe it is necessary because while there should be no ‘religious test’ to hold office, a candidate that uses his faith to build his policy needs close watching.

·         I think Biden did a great job connecting to the American people with pure empathy while Ryan was trying to connect to businessmen and the GOP House caucus.

·         Ryan was very much out his element on the Afghanistan questioning where Raddatz, not Biden, scored the biggest blows.

·         Classic Romney/Ryan: lots of criticism, but no solutions especially around international diplomacy and the role off the U.N.  I get the impression that Ryan thinks if the President of the United States wants it his way all he has to say is ‘cuz I said so.’

·         Biden definitely got the better of the exchange on small businesses and tax rates.  Ryan was forced to lie about taxing income, when taxes on small businesses are on profits.

·         Finally, Ryan was clearly overmatched during the Iran discussion.

·         Wasn’t Raddatz supposed to call him Mr. Ryan?

In the end, Ryan got manhandled, perhaps Joe was too aggressive, but Ryan looked lost at times.  That being said, Ryan did not completely melt down, but I see nothing in the Congressman that makes me feel good about him being a heartbeat away.



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Questions, Thoughts, & Opinions on a Wednesday Night

Questions, Thoughts, and Opinions

1)      I have decided that I am a secular traditionist Jew; a freethinking believer in separation of church and state and follower of Jewish traditions.

2)      There is a difference between being pro same-sex marriage and forcing same sex marriage onto people.

3)      You may be a hypocrite if you decry Obamacare as an encroachment of freedom but have no problem with the Patriot Act.

4)      Mitt Romney says he believes in a strong national defense, but doesn’t mention our troops only the need to increase military spending.  He is not pro defense he is pro defense contractors.

5)      The sad state of our culture is epitomized by the complete lack of shame in getting caught lying.  Not too long ago the guilty party would apologize, then we moved to be taken out of context, followed by I misspoke, to nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

6)      Lance Armstrong represents the worst kind of icon.  A life of accomplishments built on deceit.

7)      This just may be the worse season of new television programs since ever.  I have not found a single decent new show that captures my attention.  I am talking to you creators of Vegas, Mob Doctor, Ben & Kate, Elementary, etc.

8)      If a man is willing to lie as much as Romney is to get elected, what will he do if elected?

9)      Those Obama economic policies have been crushing the U.S. economy must be why the S&P 500 has gone from 805.22 to 1,432.56, an increase of 78% since his inaugural.  The horror!

10)   I miss the NHL.

11)   Athens, GA’s The Whigs, maybe the best rock ’n roll band no one has heard of.

12)   Mitt Romney says he supports Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction which includes significant tax increases, but says he will not raise taxes.  I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but hold the peanut butter. 

13)   The most serious international border dispute that no one is talking about is between China and Japan.  The dispute revolves around who owns the uninhabited islands called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan.  Why the big hullabaloo?  There is enough oil to support China for 45 years in the ocean floor around the islands.

14)   As bad as network TV is, shout out to AMC and FX for bringing it on cable stations.  Great shows like Mad Men, Hell on Wheels, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Justified, American Horror Story, and Sons of Anarchy can be found on those two stations.

15)   I do not disparage those that have strong religious faith; I only wonder how some can take the Bible literally while denying basic scientific theories.

16)   News alert, Iran will not attack Israel with a nuclear weapon because (a) the Iranians are not crazy and (b) Israel has these things called nuclear missile carrying submarines.

17)   That great American technological breakthrough called fracking could be the single biggest development in creating a manufacturing renaissance in the U.S. was nurtured and supported by the U.S. government during its early days.  What’s that about picking winners and losers?

18)   Jack Welch made an outrageous claim that the Obama administration had finagled the BLS labor report, but when challenged by some pols he admitted he had not proof.  An outlandish claim with no supporting evidence by a Republican?  I call that a day of the week that ends in ‘y’.

19)   President Obama is far from perfect, but compared to the other guy, he is close to it.  I am sorry but if you are voting for a guy who’s economic plan is equal parts false promises, bad math, and bullshit, you are a sucker.

20)   The New York Jets are proving that having two mediocre quarterbacks does not equate to having one good one.