Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday’s Anti-Conservative Topic: Arizona and Guns

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has his eyes set on greater public office and has now eclipsed the human caricature Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in speaking out against immigration and the impending  shootout with the Mexican drug cartels Some recent Babeuisms:
 We have a serious public safety threat in my county, due to an unsecured border with Mexico and our nation should be highly concerned about the more dangerous national security threat that is presented…”
“We're expecting a conflict.  I absolutely believe you're going to see that happen in the next 30 to 60 days. It's not like I'm trying to start a war with the cartels. They're coming through like they own this place, and we're trying to stop them. I pray that every time, they surrender."
"our own government has become our enemy."
"Mexican drug cartels literally do control parts of Arizona."
“This is the weapon (semi-automatic rifle) that they need to best protect themselves and to stop the threat (from drug cartels) continuing against the public.”
So while Babeu warns of the coming war and complains that his men are outgunned, he does nothing to question whether we should reinstate the assault weapon ban.  Here are some facts about assault weapons, the same weapons that threaten Babeu’s deputies, as reported by the Arizona Republic:
Of 785 rifles and pistols purchased by straw buyers (people who buy large numbers of guns claiming to be for themselves but sell to others)for the Mexican Sinaloan drug cartel, 640 came from the same gun shop, Lone Wolf, in Peoria, AZ.
566 of the guns purchased at Lone Wolf were AK-47’s and three armor piercing .50 caliber rifles
17 people were just indicted for trafficking 300 guns to Mexico
185 guns sold by Lone Wolf were traced to crimes in Mexico
So no changes to the law, the gun industry says a few gun shops are just bad apples and that the industry can ‘police’ itself.  So I wonder what Babeu will say when his officers are in a gun fight with drug smugglers armed with assualt rifles purchased legally in Arizona?  Probably blame that one on Obama and Napolitano too.  

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