Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mishegas - 13Feb2012

A lot is being made about Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins breaking from the GOP and voicing support of President Obama’s contraception policy.  Sorry if I am not as effusive in heaping praise onto the ladies when they really haven’t changed their position, only their self-survival political nature.  It seems in 2001 both ladies were pretty straightforward in their respective stances.  “Women shouldn’t be held hostage by virtue of where they live,” Snowe told a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing in September of 2001. “It simply is not fair.” “All we’re saying in this legislation is that if health insurance plans provide coverage for prescription drugs that that coverage has to extend to FDA-approved prescription contraceptives. It’s that simple.”  Collins, in supporting her fellow senator said “While women clearly view contraception as basic to their health and to their lives, health insurers in the United States traditionally have not. While health plans routinely cover other prescriptions and outpatient medical services, contraceptive coverage is meager or nonexistent in many health insurance policies.”  My take, either you believe in woman’s healthcare or you don’t.
So Rick Santorum is implying that Mitt Romney may have stolen the CPAC Straw Poll vote.  You mean a straw poll vote where voters can be bought with a free entre coupon from the Olive Garden?  Ballot box stuffing at a GOP straw poll is as American has voting fifty times on American Idol, and selecting Peyton Manning for the Pro Bowl even though he hasn’t played all year.
Here is what my mother would say if she was head of the Maine GOP election committee regarding the snow storm preventing some folks from voting in the caucus Saturday: Excuse me, but the caucus lasted a week and you waited until the last minute to show up?  How many times have we had this discussion about your procrastination?  Seriously, the Ron Paul supporters saying they couldn’t caucus because of the weather and the precinct not counting is a lame excuse.  As Ed Rendell would say, you can bet the Chinese would have showed up to caucus and would have been doing calculus on the way.  Yep those Chinese are Caucusing Calculus loving non Caucasians.
If it’s Monday, it means Arizona crazy lawmakers are in the news again.  It seems Republican state Senator Lori Klein has sponsored a bill tying teacher profanity to FCC regulations in such a way that if a teacher swears three times he or she will be terminated.  That is some f—ked up shit.  Oops only one more strike to go.  For the record, Klein was also Herman Cain’s state election campaign chairperson.  Crazy Train has plenty of passengers.
If Nicki Minaj represents the future of music then it’s time to cue Don McLean, warm up the Chevy, and grab some whisky and rye.
Only 1 in 10 Americans approves of the job Congress is doing.  I imagine if they chewed Trident gum they couldn’t even get 1 out 5 dentists to say anything good about them.  How bad is 10%?  11% of Palestinians hold a favorable view of America. 
Still waiting to hear how the likes of Liz Cheney, Dana Loesch, and Peggy Noonan are considered voices worth listening to regarding politics? 

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