Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Leftovers

Christmas caroling in Arizona:  On the 13th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 13 AK47assault rifles

While I remain bullish about President Obama’s reelection, supports should not underestimate his approval ratings.  He has entered the dangerously low numbers of single term Presidents Ford and Carter.  Granted the competition will be an important factor, but the American electorate is fickle and desires instant gratification.  Just look at electoral results in 2006-2008-2010.
Ann Coulter getting bleeped on Morning Joe when she called John McCain a douche didn’t upset me.  What upset me was she wasn’t bleeped during her WHOLE appearance.
The same ratings agencies that were either incompetent or complicit during the Wall Street implosion are now being harangued for failing to downgrade Greece’s bind rating in 2008.  You might as well have Carrie, Bruno, and Len doing the debt ratings.
As a frequent visitor to Israel, I am very happy to see that MSNBC is now on the HOT satellite/cable system.  Fox & CNN dominate the US cable market which is one reason why President Obama has had difficulty in becoming popular amongst Israelis.
When Pat Paulsen used to run for President, we all knew it was a joke and we laughed with him.  These clowns running for the GOP nomination don’t know we are laughing at them.
So far I have heard Michael Bloomberg, Gary Johnson, and now Jon Huntsman as possible third party candidates.  My questions are: (1) if more than one gets in, do we call them 3rd and 4th party candidates and (2) who decides which is 3rd party and so on?
There are only 34 more days until the Iowa caucus and only 41 days until the New Hampshire primary.  Who the hell needs the NBA?
If you pull a Romney and flip flop mash up the recent Cain and Bachmann positions they actually sort of make sense.  We should prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons and threaten to close the Chinese embassy.  Shit, now I am scared.

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