Monday, November 7, 2011

Get a few things off my chest.

New Mississippi Personhood law implications:
·         Zygotes will be able to carry a concealed weapon.
·         Zygotes will be included in Nielsen Ratings.  A boom for Swamp People and Hoarders’ ratings.
·         Pregnant women can drive in HOV lane.
·         No more lonely “Table for One?”
·         #OccupyUterus placards on eBay
·         Tubal ligation to be considered premeditated murder
·         Haley Barbour wishes for a Gulf Coast oil spill as a diversion.
·         Alabama will lose its position as the most fucked up regressive state in the country.
·         Facebook creating new status for zygotes
There are thousands still without power 9 days after snow storm hits northeast.  Most powerful nation ever and we can’t establish a modern national power grid.
Here are some popular GOP myths:
·         Drilling more oil domestically will lower the price of gasoline.  Oil is a global commodity traded on exchanges.  It’s like saying if we dig for more gold in California, the price will come down. 
·         Regulations are impeding job creation.  Businesses have always complained about excessive regulations.  Business isn’t hiring because they figured out how to do more with less and when they don’t hire service providers don’t see demand and they don’t hire.
·         Fannie and Freddie caused the financial collapse.  The GSE’s are not without their share of responsibility especially under the leadership of James Johnson, Franklin Raines, and Daniel Mudd.  However, to ignore Republican and Democrat deregulation, Wall Street greed, AIG stupidity, Hedge Fund snake oil salesmen, unscrupulous mortgage originators, risk loving investors, and misinformed buyers is intellectually dishonest
·         Austerity will kill a recovery
·         Long term deficit reduction will require increased tax revenues and spending cuts
·         Healthcare and fuel will be large drains on DoD budget
·         Income disparity leads to economic ruin
·         Education is an economical issue not a social issue

That’s all.

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