Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Appetizers from the DiggaPuPuPlatter

The Arab Spring led to the ousting of longstanding dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya with the leaders in Yemen, Syria, and Jordan perilously hanging on.  Now it looks like we are experiencing the European Winter that has already claimed the leaders in Greece and Italy this week, after previously seeing changes in Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain.  If this contagion is not stopped, the governments in France and Germany could be next as each nation’s citizens are not happy with bailouts and throwing good money after bad. 
Tonight on TV there is more worthless bile coming out of the mouths of half-wits, sycophants, and misogynists.  No, it’s not another season of Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of New Jersey; it’s another freaking Republican debate.  Are we going to learn anything that we already don’t know?
·         Perry will prove he is the male Palin
·         Bachmann will decry Affordable Care Act as the greatest threat to America
·         Romney will try to be like Fonzie but will always be Potsie
·         Huntsman will try to make sense and get mocked
·         Paul will decry our freedom is in jeopardy
·         Santorum will make Pat Robertson blush
·         Gingrich will make some irrelevant point about the Dawes Act of 1887
·         Cain will say he was only joking about the Uzbeki beki beki stan stan comment
The tragedy at today’s Penn State game WASN’T the absence of Joe Paterno, it was the reason WHY Paterno wasn’t there.
The existential threat posed by an Iranian nuclear program would be a lot more credible if the evidence was more than satellite photos.  Can you say Powell-Iraq-UN?
How pathetic is the New GOP, when they claim to be about morals and they support the likes of Gingrich and Cain?
If I had to do it over again, I would forego engineering for international studies/economics/journalism.  Oh well.
AMC’s Walking Dead never stops surprising.  Same for Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.
Still trying to figure out how Boise State ends up in the Big East?  It’s obvious that College Football is well on the road to the Super Conference format and eventual playoff.
No Humphrey Bogart, but it looks like supporters of Herman Cain are starting to mutiny.
Not widely reported, but very important:  The US trade shortfall shrank 4 percent to $43.1 billion from a revised $44.9 billion.  A reduction in trade deficit will mean increased GDP and could be a sign of increased economic and employment activity.

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