Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Luncheon Specials

What do Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews have in common?  No matter what the political ideology, shilling one’s book is more important that politics, beliefs, consistency, and hypocrisy.  O’Reilly clearly didn’t bother researching, Matthews believes JFK is the gold standard and uses his show to shamelessly plug his book, and Bill Maher makes a living mocking the ladies of The View and then runs to sit on the sofa with them when he has a new book out.  Charlatans.
No frills airline Ryanair is considering allowing passengers to watch porn on hand held devices.  Which brings me to:
a)      What are they doing with the other hand?
b)      I guess they won’t be serving nuts.
c)       Watch me bring this tray table up without any hands.
d)      Pesky seatbelts
Predictions for tonight’s GOP debate on National Security:
a)      Romney will repeat his line that if Iran gets a nuke it will be Obama’s fault.  But SuperMitt will prevent that from happening.
b)      Gingrich will charge the President with a failed foreign policy of appeasement and make some arcane reference to Neville Chamberlain.
c)       Bachmann will promote her litter and repeat her pledge against ObamaCare, both of which have nothing to do with national security.
d)      Paul will say we need to bring all of our troops home from everywhere and in their place send all employees of the departments of education, commerce, and the other one.
e)      Perry will talk about having a tough national defense like we had at the Alamo before Wolf Blitzer reminds him we lost that battle.
f)       Huntsman will tell us we can’t have national security without economic security.
g)      Cain will unveil his new plan of invading 9 countries in 9 days and staying for 9 years.
Ever notice in the blame game that this the United States we always have to assign blame when something goes wrong and conduct a survey to see who everybody else thinks must be blamed.
Congratulations to Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander for winning American League Cy Young, American League MVP, an American Music Award, Dancing With The Stars, and the Spanish general election.
At 5pm EST on Monday MSNBC’s Chris Mathews, Howard Fineman, and Chris Cillizza were criticizing President Obama for failed leadership in dealing with the super committee and Congress.  When Matthews and Fineman returned at 7pm EST they were praising President Obama for his leadership because of his four minute press briefing when he said he would veto any plan coming from Congress that bypassed the mandated spending cuts.  Weather vanes. Click.

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