Friday, November 18, 2011

I got all this stuff swirling around in my head.

I got all this stuff swirling around in my head.
1.       Have you ever met a compassionate conservative?
2.       Ever notice that neighbors of serial killers and sexual predators always describe the suspect as “Well he was quiet and kept to himself.”?
3.       The only way to keep Iran from becoming nuclear armed is for all members of the security council and key Muslim states like Turkey to offer a  way out that allows them to save face.
4.       Electoral Math:  President Obama has a solid lock on 222 electoral votes and would need 48 more to get re-elected.  By the way, there are 138 more electoral votes available in states Obama carried in 2008. 
5.       Are these Mormon public service announcements supposed to help Mitt Romney get elected?
6.       Does anyone care what Pat Robertson thinks?
7.       I know political campaign ads and speeches are supposed to attack the opposition, but how the right attacks the President’s patriotism and heritage makes Swift Boating look mild.
8.       NBC is bringing back The Munsters next year.  The networks really cannot come up with an original idea.
9.       Will Turkey send in its armed forces to protect Syrian citizens and enable an exit by al-Assad?
10.   Intercompany mail envelopes are an endangered species.
11.   According to House Republicans pizza is a vegetable.  According to vegetables House Republicans are douches.
12.    Why can’t people see that Republican plans of siphoning off wealth form the nation are no different than Mubarak and Ben Ali who stole billions from the national coffers?
13.   The biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats: should government keep business from ruining the environment, endangering the economy, and creating a two class society.
14.   Biggest similarity between Democrats and Republicans: their elected representatives are looking out for themselves ahead of their constituents.
15.   I think Romney the only Republican in the field who REALLY wants to be President.  The others are just doing book tours or some bucket list thing.
16.   Will Charlie Sheen give Demi Moore a call?  Why is that even swirling in my head?
17.   If I think Tim Tebow is a bad QB, it does not mean I am against religion.  There are a whole lot of other reasons to be wary of organized religion, (1) Crusades (2) Inquisition (3) KKK (4) Salafism (5) Militant Orthodox Jews
18.   Remember when people used to come to Arizona for respiratory relief?  Not any longer.  Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale is now the 9th unhealthiest metropolis in the country.
19.   People shouldn’t claim that GOP governors like Kasich, Walker, Scott, and Brewer have been slapped down recently because of overreach.  They are only doing what they privately and publicly said they would.  Nonetheless, time for them to go.
20.    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a dark disturbing movie.  That scene on the boat is creepy and if you don’t think so, check out these lyrics:
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

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