Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Tricks and Treats

Stupidity of the U.S. Congress.  They think by voting to cut off aid to the Palestinians they are punishing the Palestinians.  In reality the money they are cutting of pays for the security apparatus in the PA territory and by cutting it off they reward Hamas and damage Israel and its security. 
Stupidity of the U.S. Congress part deux.  While the anti-China currency bill may make you feel good about thrashing China, you need to remember that we have been manipulating our currency for over a decade via excessively loose monetary policy.
The next time Michele Bachmann goes on about her twenty plus biological and foster children, the interviewer must ask her to name all of them.
Now that the President’s jobs bill is dead in the Senate, what does the phoenix look like when it rises from the ashes?  If infrastructure investment gets cut, Obama and the Democrats in the Senate should just resign en masse.
Blaiming Dick Durbin and Dodd-Frank finance reform for the $5 debit card service fee is classic pro-business GOP talking nonsense.  It proves that the free market is not free as all of the major banks are obviously in collusion and that the GOP is more concerned about protecting business profit margins than making sure citizens are not getting screwed.  I am not a debit card user, but I would recommend that people move their money to local banks and credit unions.
Rick Perry claims that tort reform in Texas has made health insurance more affordable there than any other state.  If that is the case, why are there more uninsured kids and adults in Texas than any other state?
Social Conservatives like to bitch about the size of government, but they are the first to propose government oversight and laws on our personal lives.  Abortion, DOMA, DADT, and adoption all things that the SoCons want to regulate and legislate.
The greatest virtues of the American workforce were mobility and versatility.  Sadly due to the housing crisis we lost our mobility and thanks to cuts in training and education we are losing our versatility.
California has banned open carry of handguns.  The usual NRA, gun enthusiasts, and liberty lovers are already decrying the loss of the sacred 2nd Amendment rights.  Put this on the 2013 Supreme Court Docket.
Here is your warning.  The Sovereign failures in Greece and possibly Spain and Italy coupled with the potential collapse of major European Banks can possibly sink the entire globe into another recession.  European Central Bankers, IMF, national leaders, and other global finance leaders best come up with a plan now before the contagion spreads.
Is it wrong for the Occupy Wall Street protesters to be pissed that these banks got bailouts without any conditions for repayment and loans?  Absolutely not.  TARP was the right thing to do; it just forgot to serve the people.

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