Friday, October 7, 2011

Dichotomy: The Musical

I can be Pro-Israel and support a Palestinian State.
I can be Pro-business and oppose corporatism.
I can be Pro-choice and wish there were no more abortions.
I can appreciate one’s faith and support the separation of church and state
I can criticize my government and still be patriotic
I can oppose war and support the troops
I can be progressive and believe spending needs to be cut
I can hate taxes and understand why they need to be raised
I can dislike an actor’s political views and still enjoy his movies
I can think a person is qualified to be President and not give a shit about his religious faith
I can support unions and believe in meritocracy
I can support the 2nd Amendment and believe Wayne LaPierre is a douche
I can think Palin and Bachmann are unfit to lead and not be sexist
I can believe in immigration reform and improved border security
I can believe in capitalism and believe government plays a role
I can believe in aggressively fighting terrorism and not support torture
I can believe in renewable energy and realize we still need coal, gas, and oil
I can believe in gas and oil exploration and environmental protection and safety
I can like Europe and not be a Socialist
I can oppose DADT and DOMA and still not like Glee
Yes I can.

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