Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday bits and bites from the buffet line

1.       Is there anything as silly as announcing the starting lineups in an NHL game.
2.       One thing you can say about Ron Paul is you can’t call him a flip flopper.  He’s a liberty loving loon 24/7.
3.       Red Sox needed more players with Pedroia’s grit, selflessness, and dedication and less of the all about me types.  That means you Ortiz and Youkilis.
4.       I see patrons of the Safeway at the Summit (Scottsdale, AZ) still lack the ability to put their shopping carts in any number of available cartceptacles.
5.       Jimmy Fallon’s Pink Floyd Week was awesome featuring Foo Fighters, Dierks Bentley, Pearl Jam, Shins, MGMT, and Roger Waters himself.
6.       Who the hell uses propofol as a sleep aid?  Conrad Murray, I guess.  Propofol, when Ambien just isn’t enough.
7.       Michele Bachmann claims Hezbollah is arming in Cuba.  Bachmann also sits on the House Foreign Intelligence Committee.  How far have we lowered the bar on intelligence?
8.       Washington talks about tax reform, but no one seems to act.  We are leaving $1Trillion on the table every year.
9.       Just pencil November 5th for the true national championship when Alabama faces LSU.
10.   Television shows Pan Am and Playboy Club provide further evidence that the best dramas are on cable (HBO, Showtime, FX, TNT, and AMC)
11.   It is not hypocritical to believe there should be a Palestinian state, but be against the timing.  One word: HAMAS.
12.   Toughest job in America: Being married to Liz Cheney.
13.   Cam Newton is a beast.
14.   At what point does Europe start hacking off limbs to save the life?
15.   If you think tax increases during a struggling economy is stupid but thin budget cutting is OK, you maybe dumber than a Texas kindergartner. 
16.   Should a Congressman who develops UPS stores be able to vote on matters concerning the Post Office?  Yes John “Subway Store Owner” Fleming I am talking to you.
17.   Uncle Mitt, If I became a corporation could I relocate my Corporate office to Bermuda nd escape paying taxes?
18.   If you are going to add James Spader to the cast of the Office, you may want to give him some more lines.
19.   Patriots defense couldn’t stop a runny nose.
20.   Stoked about the three part “Prohibition” series debuting tonight on PBS.

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