Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions
1)      Does everyone stop the microwave seconds before the timer times out figuring a few more seconds won’t matter?
2)      Does it matter if you don’t wait for the oven to reach preheat temp before putting that Thanksgiving turkey in the oven?
3)      What happens when Congressional approval rating drops below the margin of error of the poll?
4)      Was Steve Forbes the vampire king in Lost Boys?
5)      On Halloween does John Boehner become a Jack O'Lantern?
6)      How many of us are really missing the NBA?
7)      Why does the Big Ten Conference have 12 teams, but the Big 12 have only 10 teams?
8)      If the Rangers win the World Series will George W. Bush or Rick Perry take the credit?
9)      Do you think Mitt Romney ever watched CatDog?
10)   In light of the big problems we face, is it wrong to still get pissed about DirecTV dropping FX?
11)   Is it me or do we have 20x the meetings we used to have because of email?
12)   Do you think Herman Cain is as shocked as the rest of us about his popularity?
13)   What do you think the Obama’s fight about?
14)   What will it take for Republicans to admit climate change is real?
15)   Why do weathermen in the Northeast love to tell you the wind chill factor during winter and the heat index during the summer?
16)   Can we call this new controversy about restaurants and markets switching out fish: Bait-Catch-Bait-Switch?
17)   Why do Conservatives think we need a Defense of Marriage Act?  Has someone declared war on marriage?
18)   Ever notice that all the ads during nightly network news are for medications for conditions that didn’t exist 20 years ago?
19)   Do all new drugs have to include x’s, y’s, and or z’s in their name?
20)   Who had the brilliant idea to hold a Super Bowl in Indianapolis? 

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