Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Popular political applications of the new iPhone 4S Siri:

Herman Cain: “What the hell is 9-9-9?”
Michele Bachmann: “Was the Battle of Saratoga fought in Florida?”
Jon Huntsman: “Why don’t republican primary voters like me?”
Sarah Palin: “Is refudiate a word?”
Rick Perry: “Where is the closest Toastmasters International location?”
Herman Cain: “Would an electrical fence require 110V or 220V?”
Mitt Romney: “Who is Buzz Lightyear and why do people keep calling me that?”
Rick Santorum: “Google Santorum”
Michele Bachmann: “Am I more popular than Sarah Palin?”
Newt Gingrich: “Where is closest Buffalo Wild Wings?”
Ron Paul: “Siri?  Siri who?”
John Boehner: “Where is the closest tanning booth pub?”
Eric Cantor: “Siri why did you say I sound like a whiney toad?”
Anthony Weiner: “Hey Siri, like what you see?”
George W. Bush: “I said nuculur.  Honestly, why can’t this thing understand me?”
Rick Perry “When was the American Revolution?”
Dick Cheney: “Siri, where are the WMD’s?”
Newt Gingrich: “Does this phone make my ass look big?”

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