Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simchat Torah Thursday Tidbits

Should the BCS ratings system switch places with Moody’s Fitch and S&P?  Each probably couldn’t do any worse than the other.  Imagine Italian creditworthiness versus Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl.  Vegas sets the bond spreads at 398 base points.
Bin Laden al-Awlaki, Gadhafi, not bad for an anti-colonial Democrat apologist.  He has Emmitt Smith cool.  Scores the touchdown and doesn’t do the whole Terrell Owens celebration but simply makes the play and hands the football to the ref.  Cool class.
AMC’s Walking Dead pulls in 7.3Million viewers and 4.8million in the 18-49 age demographic.  The show featuring zombies, no not Michele Bachman, may succeed where Howard Hughes failed: killing Pan Am.
Someone please explain Michelle Malkin, Dana Perino, and Dana Loesch. 
GOP doesn't have plan/details all they have is ideology. When did liberal become a bad thing? Isn't progressive heading in the right direction?
What do SoCons, NeoCons, LiberCons, PaleCons have in common?  They’re all cons.
France and Germany announce rescue package for Greece and markets go up.  Italian bond spreads widen and markets go down.  Developing nations offer to help out IMF and markets go up.  Secretary Geithner says that would be a bad idea and markets go down.  Bernanke says Fed may consider QE III and markets go up.  Slovakia says no to bailout and markets go down.  What happened to earnings driving markets?
When does the World Series start?  Oh it already did?  Not into it.
HBO’s How to Make it In America is very underrated.
Who’s next in the Obama dead pool?  al-Zawahiri, al-Assad, Joseph Kony? 
I wonder if Ahmadinejad watched the footage of Gadhafi’s demise with a little pit in his stomach?
So the birthers have now set their sights on Republican darling freshman senator Marco Rubio.  Can’t say I am too broken up about it.
Meet the new Republican anti-Romney frontrunner.  After watching the latest GOP debate, I think the last remaining Hispanic Republicans are now voting for Pedro, he can get the Hispanic vote and he’s from very conservative Idaho.

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