Monday, October 17, 2011

Arizona has poll position in the Gran Prix Race to the Bottom

Here is just a sampling of the Arizona legislation during the last two sessions:
·         SB1070, the sweeping anti-immigration bill that put Arizona at ground zero of the current debate.  The law, signed by Governor Brewer in 2010, has not gone into effect pending court review of the law’s constitutionality.
·         A bill banning teachers with heavy accents from teaching in public school system.
·         A bill requiring school teachers and administrators to determine the immigration status of all students. 
·         A bill requiring hospitals and other medical care facilities to determine the immigration status of all those seeking care
·         A bill allowing guns on university campuses and other public property
·         A law removing the need to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
·         A law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons into bars.  (bar owner has option to ban guns)
·         A bill requiring all presidential candidates to provide a birth certificate the Arizona Secretary of State in order to get on the state’s ballot
·         A law establishing the Colt revolver as the state’s official firearm
·         A law establishing heterosexual couples with higher priority over homosexual couples in the adoption process.
On top of that:
·         Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under investigation from the Justice department for a number alleged violations
·         Arpaio had to fire his top two lieutenants for significant breeches of conduct and misappropriation of funds
·         Pinal County Sheriff and FoxNews regular Paul Babeu being investigated for losing evidentiary rape kits and failing to maintain chain of custody in hundreds of cases.
·         Sheriff Babeu recently bought a helicopter while his department has been running a deficit.  Further, the sheriff has been told by county supervisors he will not get funding to make the aircraft airworthy or funding for fuel and maintenance.
·         Former Maricopa County Attorney and Arpaio buddy Andrew Thomas, along with two top lieutenants, is presently going through an ethics hearing covering years of abusive of power.
·         Governor Jan Brewer had two senior aides, her deputy chief of staff and her re-election campaign manager, deeply involved with a private prison corporation (CCA) and guess what Arizona will spend more than $1 billion to incarcerate prisoners, which will skyrocket when Arizona adds as many as 6,500 new prison beds over the next five years.
Oh and another thing, Sarah Palin bought a house here this year.

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