Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Part II of the Diggapedia Long Term Plan

We aspire to be a nation of optimistic educated, healthy citizens free of unnecessary regulations, corporatist cronyism, bigotry, excessive debt, and government encroachment into our lives while unequivocally maintaining ourselves as the world’s greatest nation.
Here is the second installment of our Long Term Plan addressing plans for immigration, tax reform, social liberty, and the military.  Some of the items may be controversial and unappealing to liberals, but the fact is we can’t solve our future debt issues without some changes to social programs.
1.       We shall establish a pathway for undocumented residents to achieve citizenship within 4 years.
a.       All citizens will have identification cards
b.      English comprehension will be mandatory
c.       Felony convictions will result in deportation
d.      Conservatives will cry ‘amnesty’ I say that the vast majority of the undocumented are established in the community and are good citizens why not give them a pathway.
e.      More individuals in the system means more people paying taxes
f.        Pass the DREAM Act
g.       Register to vote.  Ahh that is the real conservative worry.  Latinos tend to vote heavily on the Democratic side and that scare the GOP more than an African American Presidential candidate with Jewish and Hispanic parents.
2.       Simplify tax code now
a.       Establish across the board effective corporate tax rate of 25% by eliminating all loopholes, deductions, and credits.
b.      Return individual tax rates to the Clinton era level in 2014 including raising dividend and capital gains tax rates to 28%.
c.       Now if someone much smarter than me can figure out a simple non-regressive flatter tax code that increases tax revenue, I’m all ears.
3.       Government shall establish a progressive social agenda
a.       The progressive social liberty agenda is actually the agenda of  small government
b.      No DOMA, no discrimination in adoption
c.       Reproductive services to ensure all women have access to care and consultations
d.      Defend Roe vs. Wade
e.       Medicare and Social Security changes will be required to ensure benefits are available for future generations.  No one over fifty shall have their benefits impacted by this change.
4.       Defense spending will be returned to 2000 levels
a.       US Military will need to focus on anti-terrorism activities not nation building
b.      Develop weapon systems to enhance our ability to project our power in southeast Asia and maintain shipping lanes
c.       Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan by end of 2012
d.      Focus on preventing cyber-attacks on infrastructure, grids, and computer systems.
e.      Build regional alliances to deal with local issues such where the U.S. provides logistical and tactical support.  We don’t have to do it all.

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