Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts while squeezing my fat ass into that coach seat

The flight attendant who has continuously bumped my elbow on this trip has a name tag that says Flight Service Coordinator.  The service sucks and what actually need coordination?
Class Warfare 1: Continental Airlines enforces the no coach passengers in the 1st class bathroom. 
Class Warfare 2: USAirways does not.
Can Hollywood go 1 month without releasing a comic book, or a sequel, or a full length feature of a TV show, or new version of an older movie?
The above notwithstanding, I am totally psyched for the Arrested Development movie.
Rebroadcast political debates with pop ups from PolitiFact that rate the claims by the candidates.  Bachmann would get hit with so many Pants On Fire, Marcus would end up with 3rd degree burns.
The way Red Sox Management has attacked Terry Francona via a Boston Globe article is despicable.  The man was a damn fine effective WINNING players manager, until the players tuned him out for their own selfish reasons.
People need to quit calling Theo Epstein, also late of the Red Sox and now new GM for the Chicago Cubs, a genius.  Genius is putting together a World Series Champion with a budget at or below the league median.  Winning only two championships with the game’s second highest payroll is expected.
I seriously doubt that iconic Eastman Kodak will be in business one year from now.  The brand will survive and pieces of the current firm will carry on elsewhere but the end is nigh Paul Simon.
Memo to HP, you may be next.
You don’t think technology companies need to be nimble in this day and age of technology evolution and globalization?  Remember the 1980’s when Boston’s Route 128 corridor used to be littered with Data General, Wang, Nixdorf, Digital Equipment Corporation, Computervision, Prime Computer etc.  Compared to other industries, that is gone in sixty seconds.
Thoroughly enjoyed Clayton Christensen’s presentation on disruptive innovation this week.  I haven’t taken notes that vociferously since Organic Chemistry I.
Did anyone notice that the Winnipeg Jets are back in the NHL?  Didn’t think so.
I don’t think the Arizona Cardinals acquisition of Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles has done much for either club.
The Republican Party has certainly lost its mind if candidates feel they need to meet with and kiss the ring of Donald Trump and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to get credibility. 
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone the best damn talk show host Jon Stewart hypothesized that soon after his inauguration, a newly-elected President is brought into a room to meet with 4-5 guys who tell him what’s really going on.  It’s at that time that he starts going grey.  Scary true probably.
The only two remaining NCAA football games that matter: LSU-Alabama and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.  Students, players, and alumni at Stanford, Boise State, Wisconsin can grab a Kleenex box.
The 5-0 Detroit Lions.  I know!
Does anyone enjoy their job more than Jimmy Fallon?
Coming to everyone this holiday season: another bank capital and credit crunch.  This one will originate from Europe and safe to say the EU member nations will not allow a Lehmann Brothers type failure to happen this time.
Wall Street announced that as many as 10,000 jobs could be eliminated as a result of significant reductions in trading.  I wonder how many will join Occupy Wall Street.
I wonder what Thurston Howell III would feel about the Buffet Rule?  Pretty sure he would laugh at Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.
Would Mr. Milburn Drysdale’s Commerce Bank fail?

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