Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday Brunch

-        When John Boehner has sex with his wife, does he go out with a bang or a whimper?
-        Plea to the media, stop using the terms vitriol, discourse, and rhetoric.  In one week these three words have not only jumped the shark, they blew it up like Roy Scheider.  By the way, those that hope we can all get along better because of the Tucson tragedy should look back at 9/11 in disappointment and realize a tragedy of that magnitude yielded about 6 months of good will across the political aisle.
-        A Tale of Two Catholic Cities. Dublin: Brian Cowen’s time as Prime Minister remains tenuous at best as Irish citizens and members of his own Fianna Fail party continue to call for his resignation because of the collapse of the country’s banking system and subsequent austerity measures to reduce the nation’s budget shortfalls.  Rome: 74 year old Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi could be facing 15 years in prison if convicted of having paid an underage prostitute for sex and trying to intimidate police.  I guess he is planning on going out with a bang and not a Boehner (see above).
-        January television premier round up.  Potential: Lights Out, Episodes, Bob’s Burgers, and Shameless. Cancel Now: The Cape (seriously a retractable cape into some sort of a Neck/Fannie pack?) and Off the Map (Jungle Grey’s Anatomy…just what we need).
-        Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were both outstanding in the very fine The King’s Speech.  Firth should get the Oscar. 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld from the Coen Brothers superb adaptation of True Grit is also Oscar worthy.  Where do these young actors get this talent? Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon were also very good. 
-        In the wake of the tragic Tucson shooting at the hands of an apparently mentally ill individual, Governor Brewer’s recently announced budget includes further cuts in the health care system.   Over 5,000 people diagnosed with a serious mental illness and thousands more eligible citizens will be denied behavioral-health services among the 280,000 childless adults losing health-care coverage.  Combining the nation’s most lax gun laws and the worst mental healthcare system is a recipe for disaster.
-        The sudden collapse of Tunisian President Zein al-Abidine Ben Ali’s government will certainly make the authoritarian regimes in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait stand up and take notice.  Could this be a replay of the Warsaw Pact collapse of East Germany, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, etc?
-        Corn, soy beans, and oil prices are all on the rise.  Why?  The combined effects of weather related crop shortages, the increased use of corn for ethanol, civil unrest in the Middle East, oil supply shortages, and increased global demand from a resurging world economy.  Oh yeah, and speculators too.  Sorry folks, the same quants who came up with derivatives and options have figured out how apply the same high volume high speed trading systems for commodities.  Expect food riots in third world and emerging economies and $120/barrel oil.
-        According to Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity Sarah Plain has been a victim of an unprecedented left wing attack.  This is why she has to constantly fight back.  Really?  Unprecedented? Have you forgotten about the crap that Hillary Clinton has taken for twenty years?  Hillary was dealing with attacks from the right when Palin was a nobody in Wasilla.  Perhaps Palin should have paid more attention to how Hillary coped with the abuse as opposed to listening to her inner circle of advisors.  On second thought half term keep doing what your doing.

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