Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memo to the GOP: Don’t Overplay Your Hand

An AP-GfK poll conducted between Jan 5-10 shows that opposition to The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is diminishing.  While those that strongly oppose the law still stands at 30%, its lowest since September 2009, the nation still remains divided on the overhaul law passed in March 2010.  This poll finds that 40% support the law and 41% oppose the law compared to 47% oppose and 38% support just after the November midterm elections.  Further only 25% polled want the law to be done away completely and 43% want the law to do more to overhaul the health care system.  The primary sticking point is the individual mandate where 60% polled oppose this controversial element.  By the way the individual mandate started out as a Republican idea during an earlier health care debate in the 1990s.
The GOP controlled House will take up the symbolic vote this week to repeal the 2010 law. 

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