Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Love in Pakistan

-        Could 2011 already be looking up?  According to Entertainment Weekly, TLC has pulled the plug on 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'.  If so, maybe I was wrong about Kate Gosselin.  She appears to be the only person to derail the Wasilla War Wagon since ‘half-term’ left office.
-        The first 2011 PGA tournament is being held this weekend and the Masters won’t be held until April 7th – 10th, but already Dustin Johnson is off to the hottest start.  This weekend in Hawaii, Johnson confirmed that he is dating LPGA super hottie Natalie Gulbis.  Is there such a thing as a triple eagle?
-        Warning to Big Love fictional polygamist patriach Bill Henrickson: Pakistani polygamist Mian Ishaq was publicly beaten by two of his three wives when they discovered he had a secret 4th wife and was planning on marrying a 5th. 
-        I have to admit that my season long criticism and mockery of the NFC West may have been uncalled for after the Seahawks defeated the favored Saints during Saturday’s NFC wildcard game.  I am man enough to admit that I was wrrr, I was wrrr....oh well maybe just not yet.
-        I am happy to see that the Pats will be playing the Jets next Sunday while the Ravens and Steelers square off on Saturday.  I view a Steelers-Ravens match like the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s.  Please beat the living snot out of each other.
-        The U.S. national gas prices have gone up $.10 in the last three weeks and $.40 from a year ago reigniting the GOP attacks on President Obama for limiting offshore oil exploration.  Just like special interests and their paid-for legislators, any chance to instill fear to further their own gains.  By the way, I realize Democrats are also guilty of stoking fears to push their agenda, but it seems the Republicans are professionals.
-        8.45Million viewers watched the Jersey Shore premier last week.  Only 33% of Americans can name one of the nine Supreme Court Justices.  Though I hear Chief Justice likes to call fellow Justice Samuel Alito Sam ‘the Situation’ Alito.
-        Watch for Vice President Joe Biden’s impact over the next two years to greatly expand as he works both parties’ congressional leaders.  Obama doesn’t have the credentials to work that good ole boy network like Biden with his 36 years of serving in the Senate.  Also, expect to see Biden’s approach of extracting ourselves out of Afghanistan begin to take traction as it becomes obvious that Karzai and his Kabul government cannot be honest partners.

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