Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spiderman the Muscial Opens in Wasilla

David Chaytor, the former Labor MP, faces up to seven years in jail after pleading guilty to three charges of fraud over his expenses as part of the 2009 UK Parliametary expenses scandal.  Meanwhile in the US, former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel (D-NY) was found guilty on 11 of 13 House ethics charges.   His punishment: he got a public reprimand.  Gee, and Congress wonders why the American people hold it in such a low esteem. 
How are Sarah Palin and Spiderman the Musical alike?  Both started with great potential, both showed a CBS interview could portend bad things, their every missteps and disasters are front page news, and both have joined NASCAR, cagefighting, and shark week in the pantheon of things people watch hoping for something bad to happen.
Memo to Mark Harris of Entertainment Weekly: STFU.  Your criticism of Ricky Gervais’ performance as Golden Globes host only proved further that Hollywood feels it is above biting jokes.  While he criticizes Gervais for going after easy targets like Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise, he then criticizes him for going after the untouchable Hollywood Foreign Press, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, etc.  Really, THFP?  The same organization that is embroiled in a lawsuit about bribes for nominations?  Yep STFU.
Edgar Bronfman Jr., grandson of bootlegger turned distillery magnate Sam Bronfman, and chairman of Warner Music Group, was convicted of insider trading in a Paris trial court.  All that family wealth and this dipshit needed to get involved in insider trading.
We have entered music bizarro world in Diggaland.  Mrs. Digg has expressed how much she likes Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club, and the Black Keys while I downloaded Rihanna, Timbaland, and Cascada.  Yep, up is down, black is white, and Republicans like the poor.
Not too broken up about the end of Olbermann’s Countdown on MSNBC, the shark had been jumped long ago when he went on his anti-Scott Brown tirade last year.  My real disappointment is once again Norah O’Donnell does not get her own show.  A true crime.
My iPhone is awesome, now only if AT&T could realize that Cell Phone Service Provider means you actually provide cell service.  AT&T = Awful Terrible & Tragic.  Verizon on the Horizon
How quaint that some Democrats and Republicans have agreed to part with tradition and sit together during the President’s State of the Union Address Tuesday.  In one year we have gone from ‘You Lie’ to the equivalence of boy/girl/ boy/girl seating at a Junior High Dance.

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