Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin: Do As I Say Not As I Do...this time

Half Term posted this on Twitter.  Still doesn't get it.  Listen to what she says during this clip and compare it to everything she has said since McCain the Magnificent brought her out of the backwater and into the big top. 
For the record Sarah, just as Rachel Maddow pointed out, you cannot call the Tucson Shooting inconceivable when mass shootings are as frequent as they are in this country.  You can see her reviewing this speech with her staff:
1) Say God at least 10 times...check
2) Say how great the country is 10 times...check
3) Blame others.....check
4) Don't mention crosshairs on website....check
5) Mention founding fathers and Constitution separately or together 12 times....check
6) Mention Reagan....check

Priceless.  Congratulations, you're a hack.

Sarah Palin Video: You Won't Believe What She Is Saying

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