Monday, December 27, 2010

Wrap Palin in a Snuggie

McNabb gets McBenched  by McShananahan in McWashington.  Looks like he’s headed to Arizona in 2011.  McCrap.
When was the last good DeNiro movie?  ‘Heat’ in 1995?
Whatever happened to the Tangerine, Bluebonnet, Peach, and Blue/Gray Bowl games?  Alas when bowl games meant you actually won more than 7 games and the bowls didn’t have such elegant names as the Beef ‘O’ Bradys, San Diego Credit Union, Franklin American Mortgage, Chick-fil-A, Ticket City, and GoDaddy. 
Snuggies have officially surpassed chia pets as the gift most associated with Christmas.  If Charles Schultz were alive today, would Linus be in a snuggy?
Have you seen the State Farm ad with Bob Barker?  He looks like a cross between John Boehner, George Hamilton, and Joan Rivers.
I am not a spinal surgeon, but I did watch Boston Medical this summer and I am stunned by the news that in the last two months there have been three botched spinal surgeries at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital.  In all three cases (two by the same doctor) the surgeon operated on the wrong vertebrae.  How was it discovered?  The patients complained that the operation didn’t cure their back pain.
Irony 101.  Illegal immigrants are included in the Decennial Census.  Meaning the very people that Arizona politicians such as Kavanaugh, Brewer, and Pearce target and vilify helped the state pick up another congressional seat.
Hugh Hefner, 84, got engaged to 24 year old December 2009 Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris.  I think it’s great we live in a country where it is perfectly legal for a man to marry a woman who is 60 years younger.   And equally detestable in 2010 same sex marriages are still not legal?  The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is more offensive than picturing a wrinkled Hef on his wedding night with Crystal.  Hope he remembers to put his depends on before he takes his Viagra.
Why won’t Palin run in 2012?  Because she cannot win and being a loser-quitter-loser could damage her brand…whatever the heck that may be.  In spite of her recent PR attempts to improve her likeability:  her TLC show, trip to Haiti, and daughter Bristol’s appearance on DWTS, her negative numbers are at the highest they have ever been and only 35% of independents approve of her.  So it looks like we will have to put up with this twit’s half-wit tweets.
We are amateurs in a professional game.  According to Carol D. Leonnig and T.W. Farnam of the Washington Post: “For three weeks in June, for instance, the members of a joint House and Senate committee worked to draft final rules for regulating the financial industry in the wake of its 2008 meltdown. During that time, the 35 members of the drafting committee collected $440,000 in donations from that same industry, which was then lobbying heavily for looser rules.”  Thanks Reid, Baucus, and Schumer.  Good thing Congress doesn’t think this is an ethical issue.  How about next time you buy us dinner before you screw us.

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