Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All that glitters is not gold, the Golden Globe nominations are out and WTF?

Did Glen Beck and Goldline make these nominations?
-        The Tourist garnered nominations for best movie, best actor for Johnny Depp, and best actress Angelina Jolie in a comedy or musical.  Did they actually see the movie?  Plot like a brick of swiss cheese, no chemistry, and compelling story on par with the Banana Splits.  Comedy or musical?  Well there was no singing and the only people laughing are the actors who got their money upfront.  Seriously, if you going to nominate this steaming pile of drek, you have to include Grown Ups and The Bounty Hunter.
-        In fact the whole category is a disaster as they included Alice in Wonderland, Red, and Burlesque.  Alice was visually stimulating and that’s about it, Red was a nice romp for the older crowd, and Burlesque may have been the only musical made this year.  And yet Johnny Depp got nominated for that Alice also. 
-        Best Television Drama; How do you exclude Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad?  Good Wife?  Take a trip with the Tourist.  As much as I loved Walking Dead and Mad Men, their AMC brother Breaking Bad should have been nominated, and there is no better show week in and week out than FNL.
-        Hugh Laurie instead of FNL’s Kyle Chandler?  Why cuz he’s English?
-        Piper Perabo for USA’s Covert Affairs?  If the show sucks you can’t get nominated.  That’s Diggapedia Nomination Rule #1.  How about Mariska Hargitay, Connie Britton, or Jennifer Carpenter?  Hell I’d even take anyone from Private Practice.  Internal Monologue: Did I just say that?
-        Scott Caan for supporting actor for Hawaii Five-O?  Not since December 7, 1941 has a bigger bomb been dropped on Oahu.  Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad won a frigging Emmy for heaven’s sake for his top notch portrayal of Jessie.  Yo Mr. White.
-        There is good news however.  No nominations for Tony Shaloub, Kelsey Grammar, James Spader, William Shatner, The West Wing, Kiefer Sutherland, and 24.
In hindsight, I should not be shocked by the Hollywood Foreign Press.  After all they named Pia Zadora New Star of the Year in 1981.  Who is Pia Zadora?  Exactly.

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