Friday, December 17, 2010

Why the Senate Needs Me and Why I Would be Impeached

Exhibit 1: Bob Corker (R-TN aka POS #1) has threatened to withhold a vote on the START Treaty if the Democrats advance their motions for votes on the DADT repeal and DREAM act.  Huh?  That's like saying if I have pancakes for breakfast on Sunday I cannot watch Modern Family on Wednesday.  It's called mutual exclusivity.  To preempt Corker from his forthcoming “taken out of context” excuse  Here is the statement: “I’m just hoping that saner minds will prevail and that these issues that have been brought forth that are absolutely partisan, political, issues, brought forth to basically accommodate activist groups around this country. I’m hoping that those will be taken down or else I don’t think the future of the START treaty over the next several days is going to be successful, based on what I’m watching.”
Exhibit 2: John McCain (R-AZ aka POS #2) who was caught off guard during the START Treaty debate when Senator Kerrry (D-MA) granted McCain and his GOP buddies 24 hrs to come up with MORE amendments (there have been 12 hearings, not sure why more amendments are needed) McCain backpedaled by saying “This is one of the really seminal aspects of whether the United States Senate is going to ratify this treaty or not,” an angry McCain declared. “To have a time agreement after all of the fooling around that we’ve been doing on ‘DREAM’ Act, on New York City … we will not have a time agreement from this side.”  This ‘fooling around’ is the Zadroga Bill, the $8 Billion (paid for) piece of legislation to provide special healthcare coverage to the brave men and women who have contracted fatal diseases from their exposure at the toxic ground zero site.  A bill that passed the house back in September and has been filibustered by the GOP in the Senate.
As for the title of this post its origin lies in the growing frustration that I have with the lawmakers in this country that was immortalized by Congressman Anthony Wiener (R-NY) during his 29-July rant on the floor of the House when he challenged his Republican colleagues to have the balls to vote on convictions, not on procedure or bull crap rules.  When it comes to the Zadroga Bill, DREAM Act, START, and DADT Repeal, all you have to do is vote, it’s why we sent you there. 
If that cannot work, perhaps we should adopt the Ukrainian Parliamentary Process:

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