Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Hits for Tuesday

-        Turn out the lights the party’s over…RIP Dandy Don
-        So what is the deal with Belichick assistants sucking as Head Coaches?  Mangini (Jets) fired, Crennel (Browns) fired, Weiss (Notre Dame) fired, McDaniels (Broncos) fired.  Maybe that’s why Dante Scarnecchia stays where he is.  Footnote: the Broncos will now be paying three different head coaches in 2011: McDaniels, Shanahan, and Eric Studesville (who?).
-        Is turf toe contagious?  It seems every NFL team has a player with turf toe.  Is that the little gremlin thing that lives under our toe nails?
-        Did the GOP ask China for their permission to extend tax cuts for millionaires?  After all they’re providing the bridge funding.
-        Third trip to Israel this year and I love coming here.  Sorry my Irish friends you have dropped to #2 in the Diggapedia favored destination poll.  No gnomes.
-        Love sling box.  Can watch the Pats crush the Jets from 9 time zones away.  Jets Jets Jets.... Suck Suck Suck.
-        Gingrich says he is serious about running for President…(insert sound of crickets here)

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