Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hanukkah Day Two: Feeling Latke

-        Did you know that Mississippi in 1918 took less than 15 minutes to become first state to ratify the 18th Amendment also known as Prohibition?  Did you know that Mississippi finally got around to ratifying the 13th Amendment in 1995?  The 13th Amendment was the abolishment of slavery.  It was the last state to do so.
-        The end of the Wizard of Oz always bothered me when Dorothy, in front of the Tin Man and Lion, tells the Scarecrow that she will miss him the most.  Hello, they’re standing right there.  What’s wrong with Kansas?  That’s what’s wrong with Kansas.
-        In a study from July 1947, 80% of white enlisted men told the Army that they would oppose blacks serving in their units even if whites and blacks didn't share housing or food facilities.  The same study also revealed a deep resentment toward Jews. Nonetheless, on July 26th 1948 Executive Order 9981 was signed by President Harry S. Truman.  This order desegregated all US Armed Forces and forbade discriminating against military personnel because of race, color, religion, or national origin.  Truman did this without any backing from the military brass, all of whom opposed desegregation.   In a 2010 study by the Armed Forces, "70 percent of service members believe the change in policy (DADT) would have a positive, mixed or no effect."  If John McCain was serving in the Senate in 1948 he would have called for Truman’s impeachment.  Instead, by opposing DADT, McCain’s legacy will be the latest incarnation of McCarthy and Wallace.  So sad in so many ways.
-        Republican’ts mantra that lower taxes create jobs has hit Macarena status….change the station!!  If that is so how does one explain 23 Million jobs created during Clinton’s 8 years versus the 5 million created during Dubya’s 8 years when considering that tax rates were higher and the debt increased by $1.1Trillion during Clinton’s 8 years versus $4.8Trillion for Dubya’s eight years.  Fiscal conservative Republicans?  Yeah right up there with Jewish World Boxing Champion.
-        Hispanic leaders in Nevada want to leave the Democratic Party and form the Tequila Party.  Not to be outdone Pirates from Louisiana want to form the Rum Party.  FYI the Ketel One and Tonic Party is already taken by this author. 
-        This week the Juicy Couture 5th Ave shop in NYC joined the list of other NYC shops including Victoria Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, Bloomingdales, and Nike with a bedbug infestation problem.  Ironic that there are no stories about infestation issues at the Biloxi, MS Walmart or the Mobile, AL Kmart.
-        Wesley Snipes is headed to the big house for tax evasion conviction.  I wonder if he thinks he can go all cryogenic Demolition Man and thaw out in the future only to be hunted by Ben Bratt, Sandra Bullock, and Sly Stallone?


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