Saturday, December 4, 2010

Even I admit this one's all over the map

-        What do you get for $65Million, music by U2’s Bono and Edge, book by Julie Taymor, aerial acrobatics right from Cirque Du Soleil, $300/ticket, and a big promotional segment on 60 Minutes?  Spiderman the musical and a disastrous rehearsal performance that came to abrupt stops five times and left critics sharpening their poison pencils.  I am sure they will get the kinks out before opening night, but one has to wonder if the producers would have been better off with Homer Simpsons’ Spider Pig The Musical.
-        I am stoked that both Mumford & Sons, and Florence and the Machine both received Grammy nominations for best new musical act.  My euphoria ends there, as they will no doubt lose out the shrieking cat being electrified sounds of Justin Beiber. 
-        Conspiracy theory for the week: Did the US intentionally leak the Wikileaks documents to put pressure on Arab countries by publically outing them over their fear and loathing of Iran?  This would take the focus off the Israel-Palestinian (of which I didn’t read any embarrassing documents pertaining to Israel) issue while further isolating Iran.
-        Conspiracy theory of the week part deux: The disappointing jobs numbers for November seemed to surprise the White House and just about every economist, especially coming after very robust October numbers.  Could it be the Labor Department inflated October’s numbers to help Democratic candidates in November while suppressing November results to show bigger gains in January to boost the President?
-        A conservative lawmaker was seeking impeachment charges against the nation’s leader tied to some very shady energy deals and other infractions.  Not it’s not John Boehner or President Obama, its Iran’s conservative lawmaker Ali Motahari and president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  It seems the motion failed to get traction when Ali Motahari’s cohorts failed to sign the decree out of fear; and I don’t think it was censure they were afraid of.
-        Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen’s approval rating has dropped and his ruling party, Fianna Fail,   sits at 17% approval rating while dropping to 4th in recent polls even falling behind Sinn Fein the ultra-nationalist political wing of the Irish Republican Army.  I guess when you are finance minister during the creation of the real estate bubble and the prime minister when it bursts, even your friends and family will change their circle.
-        I hear the next WikiLeaks release in mid December will include US intelligence documents stating that Santa Claus does not exist.  No word yet on the proof of existence of Hanukkah Harry.
-        Just in time for Christmas, the complete 5 season plus three movies DVD set of the Six Million Dollar Man was released.  We can rebuild him, we can make him stronger….we can use that technology to save our absentee ineffectual President.  Favorite SMDM moment: Andre the Giant as Bigfoot.   Though having a wife with a bionic ear could be troublesome: “I heard that!”
-        The Estate Tax (sounds better than the Death Tax) is set to go back to a top rate of 55% on January 1 after being set at 0% for 2010.  I hear Jack Kevorkian has a wait list.
-        According to PNC Wealth Management the 12 Days of Christmas will cost you $96,824 this year, once again proving the Eight Days of Hanukkah is a bargain worthy of Filene’s Basement.

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