Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festivus: Time to Air the Grievances

Watched a news story about dog yoga classes in Phoenix.  Not sure if the class includes downward facing human.
Lazarus rises, thanks to us.  The US Airline industry is on pace to be the most profitable in ten years as the industry recognized $7.1Billion in profits through September largely due to successful new fees.  The industry collected $2.1 billion in fees during the third quarter alone, including more than $900 million in baggage fees and nearly $600 million in reservation change fees.   Pretty nice considering only 84% of flights arrived on time and complaints were up in 2010.
First there was Inez Sainz, then Brett Favre’s sexting, and now Rex Ryan’s Fetishgate.  I could care less about what Rex Ryan and his wife do in their privacy.  However, if you put your foot fetish role playing video on YouTube, you cannot later play the ‘it’s a private matter’ card.
Brazil’s incoming President-elect Dilma Rousseff was handpicked by her predecessor, the extremely popular and vibrant Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva who was constitutionally barred from serving three consecutive terms.  Of course the Brazilian constitution allows Silva to serve again, just not consecutively, something he insinuated at in 2014 during a recent interview.  Sorry Dilma, looks like Fred wants back in the big bed.  Stay tuned because a similar situation will be playing out in Russia between Putin and Medvedev.
The Republicans love to vilify Nancy Pelosi.  Her approval rating is a far from spectacular 29%, while Congress in general scores a pitiful 13%.  If Congress was graded on the Bell Curve, Pelosi would be vale-frigging-dictorian. 
Anybody seen or heard from Stanley McChrystal lately?
Intelligence chatter was indicating a potential Al Qaeda plot to poison restaurant salad bars.  Not to be too critical, but Al Qaeda seems to be aiming significantly lower since the USS Cole and 9/11 attacks.  Salad bar poisoning?  Hell that’s the work of a lazy restaurant employee at Ruby Tuesday who didn’t wash his hands before refilling the Romaine Lettuce bin.
Terrell Suggs’ hates Tom Brady so much he cast this Pro Bowl votes for Manning, Rivers, and Fitzpatrick.  Proving once again that players are as ignorant as fans when it comes to all-star voting.
After the church sex scandal, allegations of money laundering, and the recent backing out of the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, the Phoenix Diocese has no moral or any other superiority to call out St. Joseph’s Hospital for saving a life.  The Diocese has stripped the hospital of its Catholic status and this blogger says good riddance. 
Must admit I am ambivalent about Julian Assange.  While I think the person is a pompous dirt bag, I find the rightwing pitchforks and torches rhetoric as hypocritical.  I wonder what the reactions would be if WikiLeaks hypothetically included confidential information about our government’s role in Japanese internment camps, Tuskegee syphilis experiments, and slavery?  Is it me or does this smell like the Muslim fatwa against Salman Rushdie for his novel Satanic Verses? Yeah, I’m talking to you Minister Huckabee.

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