Sunday, December 5, 2010

Monday's already Monday here

-        The new START Treaty is hung up in the Senate by the Republican’s unofficial Treaty expert John Kyl (R-AZ).  Why?  After 12 hearings this treaty was approved 14-4 by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and all of Kyl’s concerns were addressed by the Obama Administration. Republican Richard Lugar (R-IN) the GOP’s top nuclear arsenal expert urges ratification. So why is Kyl holding this treaty up?  Sarah Palin.  Seriously.  Half-term sent a letter to newly elected Republican senators condemning “hasty consideration” of the START Treaty.  OK she can see Russia from her Mamma Grizzly Den, but when she is making foreign relations commentary and the GOP’s #2 leader in the senate kowtows to her, we have entered the Twilight Zone.  FYI: the two previous strategic arms reduction treaties passed 95-0 and 93-6 respectively.  Politics is a four letter word.
-        JD Hayworth is still making the rounds on the talk show circuit making no sense.  This blowhard is still screaming about the violence spilling over the border while every statistic shows violent crime is down in every border state while El Paso, across the border from Juarez, had only 13 murders in 2009.  The only thing spilling is the chazzerai (Yiddish for junk) from JD’s pie hole.
-        The Promised Land in December where all you see is menorahs and no Christmas trees.  Not good, not bad, just strange.
-        I see Jeff Kindler, CEO of Pfizer is stepping down after 4 ½ years in the top spot.  No word if his executive retirement package includes a lifetime supply of Viagra.
-        If Palin can see Russia, she certainly can see the North Pole.  Do the other reindeer let Rudolph join in their reindeer games?
-        According to Pew Research Center 58% of Americans favor repeal of DADT while 27% oppose.  Not sure of the other 15% are unsure or don’t know what DADT is.  Funny how John McPain-in-the-ass and other GOP lawmakers love saying that Washington needs to listen to what the American people say…apparently not in this case.
-        Day five of Hanukkah: Hope I get a Ketel One and Tonicah.
-        So let me see if I have this right: Get drunk, eat a cheeseburger off the floor, and yell at your daughter over the phone and you can get you a reality show on A&E.  Meet the Hasselhoffs.  Don King said it best “Only in America.”
-        Ever notice how we always seem to be fighting yesterday’s war?  Airport security?  Drug enforcement?  And my favorite Wall Street.  While the regulators and America are getting up to speed on credit default swaps, mortgage backed securities, and collaterized debt obligations,  beware the rise of electronic "dark pools,".  These dark pools allow investors to conduct trades away from public markets.  So no one will really know what a stock is worth and this ‘off-the-grid’ trading will enable the short sellers to make a killing on speculation without any oversight.  We need Spitzer….yeah I said it. 
-        Wilson Phillips released a new Christmas album.  No word on the Milli Vanilli Hanukkah album
-        Watched Huckabee on Fox…If Huckabee and Palin had a child his name would be Gilligan. 

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