Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Ain't Got Time for This S--t

Instant gratification; it’s unavoidable and it’s here to stay.  Now, when it comes to patience, I am not known for well…having any, so I may be disqualified from offering any opinion.  Not that all instant gratification is bad, I like fast internet connections, microwave ovens, jokes that don’t take 30 minutes to tell, and movies-on-demand soon after their theatrical release.  But as a society we have merged instant gratification with no accountability (IGNA) creating the Four Loco equivalent of bad behaviors.
-        Wall Street expectations that require quarterly performance at the expense of long term health.
-        Bonus plans tied to short term profits, not long term objectives.
-        Health insurance that rewards treating the symptoms and diseases, not rewarding wellness to prevent the disease and ailment.
-        Coaches must deliver championships in three years else they end up on the chopping block leading to overpaying for overrated free agents.
-        Governmental and individual cheap credit fueled spending leading to the mother of no accountability: moral hazard.
-        Candidates who within months of winning elections are already focusing on re-election instead of governing.
-        The 24 hour news cycle which constantly bombards everyone with sound bites, tweats, and clips poisoning us with lies about death panels, government takeovers, and Muslims in the white house
-        The death of the intelligent serial drama that invests in the story and the characters…yeah I am talking about The Wire.
-        Commentators, pundits, and bloggers who sit on the sideline and never have to get in the game.  Yeah I know that includes me.
-        Frivolous lawsuits from hot coffee, slippery floors, and fast food.
-        Asset booms, bubbles, and busts, the rinse/repeat of the economic world, each time ignoring the root cause(s)
-        Systems that reward years of service not performance and we wonder why our educational system is sinking
-        Those that think patriotism is praising our troops for protecting our freedom, but fail to see that waging a war on borrowed money threatens our freedom. 
And the mother of all IGNA: citizens (they) who blame the government for everything and then bitch when the government can’t fix everyone’s problems instantaneously.  They speak of the free market until it means jobs are created overseas.  According to the Economic Policy Institute American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year, compared with less than 1 million in the U.S. Is this government’s fault?  Social Conservative Tea Partiers rally against government in our lives, unless it is a constitutional amendment banning abortion and gay marriage.   They want those responsible for the Gulf Oil spill to pay, but they don’t care about preventing future disasters.  They don’t believe having health insurance should be a government mandate, but they will be the first to use the Emergency Room as a clinic for a sore throat, and then bitch when the hospital closes its doors.
Take responsibility for our actions and your inactions.  Don’t play the blame game and don’t wait for a handout. 
Now, I can’t believe the Sox haven’t a World Series since 2006.  What’s up with that Theo and Tito?

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