Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Refudiate this.

A tale of two mayors:  New York Mayor Bloomberg holds press conference to say that the city is doing the best it can and that these things happen (snow blocked streets) while Newark Mayor Cory Booker was using Twitter to communicate with his constituents and direct help to address their needs.  In some cases help included the Mayor himself getting out in the streets and helping stuck motorists.  He even defended his cross river fellow mayor citing two feet of snow removal in a city as big as New York is a massive undertaking.  If perception is reality, Mayor Booker is on the horizon for bigger and better things in 2014…watch out Governor Christie or perhaps DC bound?
In the retirement community laden land of metropolitan Phoenix, a new trend in self defense has popped up: Cane Fu.  As the name implies the class teaches seniors how to use their canes for self defense.  No word if course includes sessions in Tae-Kwalker-Do and how to turn your dentures into nunchucks.
Should Zen Phil and the Lakers be nervous about their 21-10 record?  A decent winning percentage but when it includes a 2-5 record against teams with a winning record, well that’s worrisome.  Now it’s still only December and there is a lot of basketball left, but …
Further evidence that Palin’s popularity and support is dwindling: (a) a recent Public Policy polling (PPP) survey indicates only 30% of fellow Alaskans view her favorably.  Wow hated in your own state.  (b) In a recent CNN survey only 49% of Republicans would support her presidency, that’s a drop of 18% in two years.  Don’t worry, I am sure Fox will keep her seat warm for her. 
As cities, towns, and municipalities sink further into the budget abyss and winter kicks in, will snow removal become a victim of the budget axe?  Folks may need that one-horse-open sleight to go dashing through the snow.
Chinese have developed a new anti-ship guided missile that can take out an aircraft carrier and likely limiting the US Navy’s ability to project force close to Chinese waters.  Alternative and asymmetric methods will be necessary to offset this new game-changing weapon.  The problem, why do I have a sinking suspicion that this time a new arms race will end with us looking more like the Soviet Union.
A spokesperson for royal couple Kate and William says the engaged pair will look after themselves after they get married.  That means no attendants, maids, chefs, gardeners, and butlers…they want to be regular people.  Well you can start by ditching your spokesperson.

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