Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twenty Questions for a Thursday

1)      Does sitting next to Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the View make interviewing Bashar al-Assad seem like a cake walk for Barbara Walters?
2)      Why is there an Interstate Highway on Hawaii?
3)      Would Newt Gingrich be upset if these 9 year old janitors formed a union?
4)      Why does Eric give you the creeps?
5)      Should Vladimir Putin be worried that his United Russia Party is the preferred by 90% of state mental hospital patients?
6)      Why doesn’t Gallup do a similar poll in the U.S?  (They do it’s called the Tea Party)
7)      Why do Americans insist on declaring war on things we don’t like?
8)      Why don’t we declare war on war?
9)      Why do drive-through ATM machines have Braille?
10)   If you call for a debate and no one shows do you masterdebate?
11)   Is Chris Christie getting fatter or is head shrinking?
12)   Is any one person more important to his sport than Tiger Woods?
13)   Are flight attendants, apart from foreign carriers and Southwest Airlines, the nastiest people in a service industry?
14)   Is Newt Gingrich the crazy uncle who young family members wait to say something off the wall?
15)   How the hell did Rick Perry ever get elected Governor of Texas?  Never mind asked and answered.
16)   Why do Constitution loving Republicans cry to protect their 2nd Amendment gun rights but condemn Occupy Wall Street protesters for practicing their 1st Amendment rights?
17)   Has there been a senate candidate with as much progressive national love as Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts?
18)   Has anyone ever overdosed on marijuana?
19)   What does payroll tax cut for the middle class have to do with an oil sands pipeline?
20)   Does anyone rinse and repeat?

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