Sunday, December 25, 2011

I found a few things underneath the Christmas Tree

Our leaders can come up with a long term Fiscal Stability Act that includes $3 of spending cuts for every $1 of revenue  increases without choking off recovery.
Our leaders come up with a long term energy plan that includes the safe and environmentally sound extraction and refining of natural sources here, as well as development of future renewable sources, while limiting our economic, political, and security dependency on Middle East sources.
The people of Israel and its leaders realize that further antagonism and unilateral actions against the Palestinian Authority and the rest of the world may win a skirmish, but will lose the public opinion war and eventually lead to economic suicide.
Europe’s leaders and its central bankers achieve stabilization of its banks and its sovereign wealth funds.  The new globalized world will sink into a deep recession if the Eurozone fails to achieve stability.
Liberals and Progressives realize that the numbers don’t add up and that Medicare and Social Security changes are required.  Also, punishing the wealthy may feel good, but it cannot solve our fiscal issues.
Conservatives realize that taxes must go up and that those at the top will get hit with higher marginal rates on income and investments and the loss of some deductions.
Neocons realize that Defense Budget is the biggest piece of the spending pie and therefore must be the biggest source of cuts.
That Americans realize that the $15Trillion debt number is money ALREADY spent.  You cannot cut the debt unless you narrow then eliminate budget deficits.
Healthcare reform will happen and guess what, there will be rationing.  Demographics, limited supply, and limited resources guarantee it will happen.
There will be increased violence in Iraq, and President Obama’s removal of U.S. troops will be blamed.  Fact is, Iraq is tribal and was only governable by a tyrant.  Joe Biden’s assessment that perhaps Iraq is really three nations (Sunni, Shia, Kurdish) may not be so far off. Look what happened to Yugoslavia?
The harder the Tea Party pushes its candidates to primary against incumbent Republicans could open the door for several Democrat opportunities.  Watch what happens in Indiana, Arizona, and Massachusetts to name a few.
Immigration reform will only happen when a method and process is in place for the undocumented to become citizens while securing the flow over our border.
Those that supported the Patriot Act and now complain about airport search methods: you get the government you deserve.
At the end of the day: No business or government lets a crisis, real or imagined, go wasted.

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