Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesdays with Diggie

Trump cancels his debate aka the chat.  Did taste and professionalism win out over sensationalism and Bull shit?  Did the fact that Gingrich and Santorum said yes make them look desperate or diminished? 
Ever notice when Ron Paul gets excited he gets that high pitched squeal and sounds like ex-Colts Head Coach Jim Mora?  “Playoffs?”
Remember a few weeks ago when the media reported that our drones had been hit with a virus that was capturing and logging all of the drone operators key strokes?  With two drones going down in less than a week, are we seeing the results of a cyber-attack?  Or is it some kid playing Call of Duty?
The rate of mysterious explosions in Syria and Iran has been increasing over the last few weeks.  Is it the Israelis, Americans, or both conducting covert operations against the regime?  Probably, but you see Mitt, Newt, Rick, and others, there called COVERT operations because you’re not supposed to let the other side know what you are planning.  Children.
What will be the political impacts of the Supreme Court rulings in 2012?  The Affordable Care Act and the federal suit against Arizona and its anti-immigration SB1070 law are on the docket.  If President Obama and the federal government to prevail in both cases, would he see a boost in his approval rating and voter support?  What if he loses?
Keystone XL pipeline project is neither the job creator the proponents claim nor the inevitable environmental disaster its detractors claim.
I believe come November there will be at least four names on the top of the Presidential Ticket: Obama (D), Romney (R), Paul (L), and Bloomberg (AE).  This will further enhance President Obama’s chances, but it could also cost the Democrats in the other races as the multiple rightist candidates could yield high Republican voter turnout.
House Majority Leader and perpetual whiner Eric Cantor (R-VA) killed the Louise Slaughter (D-NY) sponsored Stock Act in committee.  The STOCK Act would have made it illegal for Congressmen to practice insider training.  That’s why Eric gives me the creeps.  By the way the Bill has 180 co-sponsors.
Syracuse Men’s basketball is ranked #1 in the country.  And that’s not why they’re in the news.
Mitt Romney is so desperate for good news out of Iowa, he travelled to Otumwa to get Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly’s endorsement.
Yo Herman Cain, how you don’t write anymore?
I really hope Ron Paul visits the baseball field in Field of Dreams and is inspired to go the distance.

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