Monday, December 26, 2011

Things that make me go huh, holy cow, and WTF

·         Skaneateles High School (NY) cancelled its winter ball to stop students from grinding on the dance floor.   Sorry school officials, Footloose and Dancing with Your Hormones can neither be stopped nor contained.
·         Fort Worth pastor Greg Beutel’s car was badly damaged when a street light fell on it.  When seeking $2,000 of compensation from the city, the city denied the request citing “It was an act of God”.
·         Top three most annoying verbal fillers from Marist College: whatever, like, and you know.  Or as many Gen-Y’ers call it speech.
·         Hackers from China illegally accessed the massive lobbying group The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Ironic that a group of political hacks were hacked.
·         Attorneys for Pfc. Bradley Manning claim their defendant’s superiors are the ones to blame because they failed to revoke his security clearance even though he had been demonstrating ‘uncontrollable behavior’.  That may be true, but it’s your client who stole classified material.
·         Former NYU professor Jose Angel Santana is suing the school claiming he was fired for giving actor James Franco a ‘D’ in his “Directing the Actor” seminar.  Irrespective of the circumstances of Mr. Santana’s dismissal, can we agree that James Franco is an above average actor, a shitty student, and an awful Oscar host?
·         I love listening to the social conservatives like Bachmann and Palin go on about how the Pilgrims left England to escape religious persecution to come to America to be free.  They will then segue into the secular liberal war on Christmas.  Yet it was these 17th century freedom seeking ancestors to the founding fathers Puritans who made it illegal to celebrate Christmas.
·         If Twitter was around in 1739, here is the best tweet ever.  Benjamin Franklin on Christmas “O Blessed Season! Lov’d by Saints and Sinners/For long Devotions, or for long Dinners.”
·         I am sure Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, and the rest of the homophobic right will blame the LGBT community for this.  Only 51% of Americans 18 years or older are married, down from 75% just 50 years ago. 
·         Sad but true research data: nearly 1 in 5 women claim to have been rape or sexually assaulted, while 1 in 4 women report having been beaten by a boyfriend or husband.
·         Compensation for the S&P 500’s CEOs was up by a median of 36.5% in 2010.  McKeeson CEO John Hammergren earned a paltry $145million in 2010.  Yes, by all means let’s give these poor SOB’s more tax cuts.

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