Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Anti-Hypocritical Oath

1)      You can’t say you are for holding people accountable and then not criticize the terribly flawed execution of the Fast and Furious operation
2)      You can’t say Bill Clinton cut and ran out of Somalia and not do the same about Ronald Reagan after he hurriedly withdrew our troops from Lebanon.
3)      You can’t hammer the George W. Bush administration for its methods prosecuting its war on terror and then give President Barak Obama a free pass
4)      You can’t call out the current administration for spending if you were silent during the Republican borrow and spend administrations of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush
5)      You can’t be a Red Sox fan and charge the Yankees with trying to buy a championship
6)      You can’t be ‘for the troops’ and then boo a gay soldier
7)      You can’t be a Christian and then applaud when someone dies on a hospital gurney due to lack of health insurance
8)      You can’t say you love the Constitution and then tell someone to shut up when you don’t like their message.
9)      You can’t tweet via your iPad that capitalism is evil.
10)   You can’t say fracking is safe, then refuse to drink tap water
11)   You can’t call the senate rules antiquated and then filibuster a proposal to change them
12)   You can’t be for a balanced budget amendment and not honor mandatory sequestration cuts.
13)   You can’t say you believe in the right for people to be free, and then criticize President Obama for not propping up Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.
14)   You can’t be pro-life while idly watching children starve to death.
15)   You can’t complain about cheap Chinese made products while shopping at Wal-Mart.
16)   You can’t oppose legalization of marijuana while you pop another Oxycontin
17)   You can’t call yourself Holy Father after covering up decades of physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children.
18)   You can’t bitch about OPEC while driving around in your Hummer
19)   You can’t say you are for small government and then support DADT and DOMA.
20)    You can’t support Arizona and Alabama anti-immigration legislation while using undocumented workers to build your new patio.

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