Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

I think it’s disingenuous for Bradley Manning’s defense team to claim he did what he did because of his homosexuality and the pressures of DADT.
Greatest thanks a nation can give its troops is to never elect a government that uses this precious resource frivolously and flippantly.
European nations will have to decide if the environmental concerns associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, outweigh dependence on an ever growing nationalistic Russia for natural gas.
Tim Tebow is an average quarterback at this stage of his career.  What he lacks in experience and skill, he makes up with in heart, desire, and courage.  Will he get better?  Absolutely.  But it is premature to anoint him to the same class as Brees, Rodgers, and Brady when he has yet prove he is in the same class as Rivers, Stafford, Bradford, and Fitzpatrick.
Republicans can’t keep saying things like regulations are killing jobs without citing and quantifying which new regulations are actually killing how many jobs. 
I think it’s funny and sad that George W. Bush and the GOP could run in 2004 on the premise that under Democrat control we would be less safe, but President Obama cannot run on how bad things would have been without the stimulus and auto bail out.  Reminder: the GOP was in control during both 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008.
I really liked the Barney Frank and Robert Reich vs. Paul Ryan and George Will debate today on This Week.  I did lose count on the number times Team Republican was unable to cite any examples to support their argument when challenged by the Democrats.  Yep sounds like the GOP alright, talking points and no facts.
Tea Party darling South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is taking a beating for endorsing Massachusetts individual mandate creating Mitt Romney for President. 
But who is the real Tea Party candidate?  Gingrich?  He was a lobbyist.  Santorum?  He was in office during the borrow and spend days of the in 2000-2004.  Bachmann?  Her family business and farm receive tax payer subsidies.  Perry? Check out the size of the Texas state government.  Huntsman?  He is strangely the most fiscal conservative of the candidates and no one is even listening.

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