Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: America's Biggest Threat to Democracy

America’s toughest sheriff:
·         Arpaio fired his two top aides: Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott and Deputy Chief Larry Black, both of whom have been accused of crimes and misconduct.  Hendershott was an Arpaio favorite and from 1996 to 1999, Hendershott's salary doubled, from about $60,000 to $120,000. In 1999, Arpaio allowed Hendershott to quit, begin collecting a pension of $51,000 annually, then get rehired to his same position at the same $120,000 salary. Four years ago, Larry Black took a $386,000 one-time pension payment, retired, and was rehired as one of Arpaio's top aides. Can you say double dip?  Conclusion, there is no way Arpaio was unaware of his top deputies actions. 
·         Failed to investigate sex crimes.  His MCSO allegedly botched more than 400 sex-crime cases, including some child molestations with victims as young as 2. In many cases, after taking the initial report, sheriff’s deputies failed to do much else -- even when an alleged victim knew the suspected attacker.  Why?  Did investigating sex crimes divert precious resources from his headline grabbing crime sweeps?
·         A three year DoJ investigation wrapped up this week concluding Arpaio’s department committed a wide range of civil rights violations against Latinos, including unjust immigration patrols and jail policies that deprive prisoners of basic Constitutional rights.  This is why the state’s SB1070 anti-immigration law was so heinous and threatening.  In essence that law would have legalized Arpaio’s anti civil-rights crusade.
·         Due to his actions and the DoJ findings, Arpaio has lost funding and authorization from the Department of Homeland Security.  Meaning, his misuse of funds, betrayal of trust, and violation of civil rights will likely lead to some very dangerous smugglers escaping detection.
·         Arpaio and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas have been subject to a grand jury investigation regarding abuse of powers and witness intimidation in an ongoing farcical tax payer money wasted series of lawsuits and counter suits.
Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Hey Rick Perry congratulations on your endorsement from Arpaio.  You did as nice a job vetting Perry as McCain did on Palin.

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