Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten

10) Newly elected conservative congressman Dr. Andy Harris, a physician from Maryland who ran on a strictly anti-Obamacare message wants to know why he has to wait 28 days for his GOVERNMENT provided healthcare coverage to kick in.  28 days?  How about 90 days, 180 days, or never  for many private sector people?  Here’s a suggestion to Dr. Harris, sign up for Cobra in the meantime.  Congratulations Doctongressman you have made the Diggapedia top ten list and you haven’t even started serving yet. 
9) To: Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY), spare us the false outrage about your ethics investigation:  20 terms and 11 ethics violations.  Hit the bricks and I don’t want to hear from the Black Congressional Caucus that this was race-based.  As chairman of the House ways and means committee, you failed and need to be censured.
8)  If you want a balanced scholarly look at the origins of the Israeli-Arab-Palestine troubles pick up Benny Morris’ 1948.  It provides an inside look at the British, American, Arab, Israeli, and Soviet thoughts and strategies from after WWI through the armistice in 1949.  Palestinian Arabs definitely got screwed, but not by the Jews.  They can blame themselves and their Arab sponsors who were more interested in their own power struggles and land grabs than the plight of the Palestinians.
7) Good news/bad news.  I love AMC’s The Walking Dead and was happy to hear that it has already been picked up for a second season.  Bad news, they only did six episodes this season and we’re halfway through.
6) I’m not saying that America doesn’t need to get its shit together and start focusing on education, infrastructure, economic restructuring, and 21st century technologies, but to declare China the new champ is premature and defeatist.  Any country that experiences: a 60 mile/11 day traffic jam, fuel shortages that cause mortuaries to idle their crematoriums while the bodies stack up, 2,600 mining deaths (2009), and no protection of property is far from claiming the title.
5) Good news/bad news Part Deux: Redskins QB Donovan McNabb signed a contract extension worth $78Million, unfortunately he only collects $3.75Million (I know ‘only’ is relative) if he is cut or traded before next season.  Stock up on your Chunky Soup DM, you are history.
4) Count me in the Kate Middleton fan club; and Prince Williams gets an A+ for his decision making skills.
3) GOP senators will try to block ratification of the US-Russian Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.  Why?  Because it’s Obama’s idea.  Jon Kyl (R-AZ) says the Senate needs more time to study the treaty.  More time?  Arizona: Brewer, McCain, Kyl, and Pearce, at least medical marijuana will be available, because we’re all going to need a bong hit because of this Rhombus of Retards.
2) I am curious if people still think that bailing out GM was a bad move.  After all the mental midgets on the right (Palin, Limbaugh, Paul, Hannity, Beck, Shelby, Demint, etc.) couldn’t wait to call Obama a socialist.  Well, we are on the verge of a GM IPO including 365 million common shares for $26 to $29 each and 60 million preferred shares for $50 each producing a market cap of $49Billion, and the Chevy Volt has been named Motor Trend Car of the Year.
1) What do the BCS, Figure Skating, and Dancing with the Stars have in common?  They’re all bullshit.  Each has a legitimate competitive element that is unfortunately dwarfed by some ridiculous voting or rating process that all too often fails to produce the true champion.  If your event includes a judge, computer, or viewer vote it is NOT a Competition, it is a pageant. 

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